Saturday, June 8, 2013

China Glaze - Sunsational Jellies

Phew, another swatching session over! I had to swatch these over a couple days since I've been really busy with work still. There are six jelly polishes in this Sunsational collection from China Glaze. I love jelly polishes, so I was really excited to give these a shot.

If you're more interested in the cremes, I also swatched the Sunsational Cremes!

At first glance, the colors are perfect for summer. They are all pretty neon, but I love the addition of the teal and slightly deeper blue and purple. In the photo below, the colors (from left to right) are: Shell-o, Heat Index, You Drive Me Coconuts, Are You Jelly?, Isle See You Later, and Keepin' it Teal. 


Shell-o is a color I knew I would like right off the bat. It's a pinkish leaning coral color, but leans more orange than the other two pinks in this collection. The color appears slightly more pink in person, but I think it also looks more orange on the nail than in the bottle since it's a jelly - you see more warm tones from your nails underneath show through. 

I used three coats of Shell-o. I built it up almost entirely, though I didn't really want to. One coat was very thin and streaky. Two coats looked better, but it was still a little streaky and just looked unfinished. Three coats made it look better, though it's no longer a super sheer jelly. 

Heat Index

Heat Index is a hotter pink than Shell-o. This is a pretty spot-on hot pink that doesn't really lean too warm or cool. Like Shell-o, Heat Index appears slightly more on the pink side in person though. My camera really has a difficult time making pinks completely true to color no matter how hard I try! 

Heat Index applied like Shell-o also. One coat was pretty thin and streaky, two looked alright, and three made it look more complete. You can still see how it is a little thin and jelly like, but building it up was the only was some of the streaks and thin spots would go away. 

You Drive Me Coconuts

You Drive Me Coconuts is a beautiful hot pink color. I would describe this one as a hot pink that leans toward the cool side rather than the warm side. This one was probably the least jelly like from the collection - it wasn't nearly as sheer. 

I applied two coats of You Drive Me Coconuts. This one was less streaky and built up in fewer coats. Like the others, it also dried a bit matte. I sort of expected this since they're all pretty neon and neons tend to try a bit matte, but I applied topcoat to them all since I wanted them to be shiny! I think the shine makes the jelly look better. 

Are You Jelly? 

Are You Jelly? is a pretty purple color. I like how this one is pretty bright, but isn't the same neon purple that has been done dozens of times before. I'm not always a huge fan of purple, but I'm loving this shade. It's a bit of a warm purple, and is probably the first true jelly purple I've used. I also find the name amusing. 

I applied three coats of Are You Jelly? for these photos. You can see how there are still remnants of streaks and thin spots though. Once again, one or two coats just didn't look too great, and three made it even out. The unfortunate part of evening it out is that you start to lose the jelly look though!

Isle See You Later

Isle See You Later is a beautiful blue shade. This one is bright and cheery for summer, but isn't too bright like a lot of other neon blues. This one is just super sheer though. I really wasn't expecting it to be so sheer! I used five coats for these photos. 

I'm a bit disappointed in Isle See You Later since it took so many coats and it's still so sheer! At the same time, it's sort of nice. While the others were very streaky and required more coats to even them out, this one applies more evenly. So I applied more coats to build up the color, but in the end it still looks like a jelly polish and has less streaks. The others were built up to eliminate streaks, but that also ended up eliminating the jelly look. 

Keepin' it Teal

Keepin' it Teal is another shade I knew I would like from the start. I love blues and greens, and especially mint and teal colors! I think Keepin' it Teal is a great addition to the collection instead of a super bright day-glo green.

Keepin' it Teal is definitely a jelly though! I used four coats to build it up, but I'm sort of pleased with it. It didn't end up being too thick on my nails, but the color is still pretty intense and you can still appreciate that it is a jelly. Three coats probably would have done the trick as well, as the difference between three and four wasn't too noticeable.

You can see in the Vine video below the process of building up Keepin' it Teal. One, two, three, and four coats. Like I said, the difference between three and four wasn't too noticeable, so three coats should look fine! 

In the end, I have sort of a love/hate relationship with the Sunsational jellies. Some are very streaky and require so many coats that they lose the jelly look. Others require several coats, but apply more evenly and retain the jelly look. 

I would recommend these mostly for nail art unless you're absolutely in love with them. I got the entire set, but you might want to pick and choose some of the better ones and just give the rest a miss. Though for nail art, I could see the blue and teal being used to create depth with layers of creme designs in between. 


  1. I love Are You Jelly? And Keepin' it Teal! A lot! So pretty on you too! :)

  2. I'm a little sad reading this post, but my wallet appreciates it! I had planned to buy them all, but the streakiness is a big turn off for me. Thanks for such a great review! :)

    1. I'm disappointed in them too. I like about half of them, as they're bearable, but the others are so streaky in a couple coats! I'll have to see if the cremes are any better.

  3. i was looking forward to these but me and jellies just don't get on. Lovely photos tho x

    1. Yeah normally I go for jellies with glitter in them, not jellies alone. These ones are pretty "meh" but it's a shame since the colors are so pretty! I'll have to see if the cremes are better.

  4. These are great swatches, but I don't think I like these as much as I was anticipating. The colors are bright and gorgeous though!


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