Wednesday, June 19, 2013

China Glaze - Sunsational Cremes

I reviewed the China Glaze Sunsational jellies last week, so now I have the cremes! These ones are more neon than the jellies, and I am in love with the color selection. Neons are very difficult to photograph though, but I did my best to try and make the polishes look true to color since that's the important part. So my skin tone might look a bit off in some!

I ordered this set on Amazon, and I was excited to see that it was in the actual packaging! The jelly set I bought was just six loose polishes. I'm really happy that I ordered them since they're really stunning in person. Really, I haven't seen any photos that truly portray the shades accurately - you just have to see them in person!

I also did not apply topcoat like I normally would. Since they are neon and dry somewhat matte, I wanted to show how each polish looked on its own.

That's Shore Bright is a beautiful warm purple shade. This one is very unique to my collection as it is bright like a neon, but not the typical neon purple/fuchsia that most brands make. It's almost like a neon-pastel hybrid! Most in this collection are, so they're light but very bright. They all almost glow like day-glow colors. 

I applied two coats of That's Shore Bright with no topcoat. It covered very well for how light it is, and left almost no streaks. A topcoat would eliminate any remaining streaks, but without a topcoat you can see that it is somewhat matte and not glossy. 

Too Yacht to Handle is a gorgeous blue. This one is a little lighter in person, though it is still very bright! It's not really a neon pastel baby blue, it also has a hint of greenish to it in person. It made me think of a lighter, brighter version of For Audrey

I applied two coats of Too Yacht to Handle with no topcoat. This one left a few lines, but it wasn't really streaky. It applied nicely, but didn't dry as matte as That's Shore Bright

Highlight of My Summer is one of those polishes that I knew I would like immediately. It's not so much of a neon mint as it's a neon spring green. It definitely has more yellow undertones to it than mint, and this one glows in the right light! Not literally glow-in-the-dark, but it looks super bright even in the shade. 

I applied two coats of Highlight of My Summer with no topcoat, though I should have probably used three.  You can see that it is a little streaky and left some lines, but nothing too serious. Another coat of polish or some topcoat would probably sort it out. Coverage was great though, and I like how it dried pretty matte too. 

Bottoms Up is a pretty standard bright Barbie pink. It's a neon pink with cool undertones, so it's really pretty, I just sort of feel like this color has been done a lot before. 

Coverage was great as I applied two coats of Bottoms Up with no topcoat. There are some thinner spots, so again a third coat may have been necessary, but I suppose that depends on how thick you apply the first two coats. I don't think I was generous enough with the first coat, but now I know! Bottoms Up also dried pretty matte. 

Neon & On & On is a gorgeous shade. It's somewhat of a neon pink that leans coral. I'm loving this one a lot more than Bottoms Up, but it's all personal preference! Both applied pretty much the same and covered well. 

I applied three coats of Neon & On & On with no topcoat. This one wasn't really streaky, I just had the same user error as Bottoms Up - some spots looked a little thin in two coats since I wasn't generous enough with the first coat. Three seemed like overkill at first, but it did make it look much nicer, so it was worth it. 

Sun of a Peach is a polish that I just can't do justice with my camera. It is not this bright of an orange, and any amount of editing and playing with camera settings just couldn't get it to look correct. It's not this bright, the photos just make it look more like Sun Worshipper or Papaya Punch. It is definitely more of a pastel neon peach, so it is lighter and brighter, and more pale orange/coral than orange/yellow. I apologize for it not being color accurate - it really bothers me that it isn't since I love this color! 

I applied three coats of Sun of a Peach with no topcoat. It covered great and evened out nicely. I didn't get any streaks, and I'm loving the slight matte finish. 

Bottom line: I would recommend this entire set! I love how unique the colors are since they're somewhat pastel and neon hybrids. Also application was great for me. I think the key is to just apply each coat and not play around with it too much - it's easy to overwork cremes and then you get streaks and thin spots. If it looks thin, don't worry about it and just get it in another coat instead of trying to make the coat you're working on absolutely perfect. I think two or three coats are perfect depending on the color, and they look great with or without topcoat.


  1. I love how Neon & On & On looks, but is its resemblance to Flip Flop Fantasy strong?

    1. I do not own Flip Flop Fantasy actually, though that looks like it may be a little brighter and bolder. Neon & On & On reminds me a little of Surreal Appeal though!

  2. Pastel and neon hybrid is a perfect description! Great swatches!

  3. These are so pretty! Great swatches!


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