Thursday, May 9, 2013

Revlon - Meteor

A while ago I bought a bunch of the Revlon Moon Candy polishes on sale from Ulta. I had been eyeing them for a long time, but refrained because they were a little pricey. I was seeing them for about $9 each, but I got them when they were buy one get one 50% off at least.

Since they're called Moon Candy, they all have space related names. This green one is called Meteor. It is a duo that consists of a very deep green polish and a light green flakie topcoat. The bottle says it is 0.26 oz, though I'm actually not sure if it means each end is 0.26 oz or if it is 0.26 oz as a whole.

I haven't had any double-ended polishes like this before, so it's certainly unique to me! I know Revlon has made some other collections that have two colors in one though. I think most of them retail for about $8 or $9.

The deep green polish is unique to my collection. It almost looks black at first glance since it is so dark, but it is somewhat of a warm olive green. In one coat, it is easy to see that it is yellow-ish green, and in two coats it turns very dark and opaque. 

On top of the two green coats, I then applied one generous coat of the flakie topcoat. I applied quite a bit, but I didn't struggle to get a lot of flakes on there - there were more than enough! I think it covered well without being too overwhelming.

One thing I found is that the flakes actually look good in the dark. Well, not complete darkness, but without direct light on them. I tried to take some photos to show it in the shadows. As you can see, the flakes contrast a lot more, and seem to glow a bit.

It's interesting how they go from being clearish-green to being almost yellow and gold in the dark. Though the flakes do shift from blue to green to yellow tones, and the flakes even look a bit pinkish in the bottle! The flakes are very pretty, and you really just have to play around with them to fully appreciate them.

I would recommend grabbing some of these Revlon Moon Candy polishes if you can! I have seen them available at stores such as Ulta and CVS, so you might also be able to use coupons or reward bucks on them! I'm glad I picked more up, and now I'm excited to try them all out. 


  1. I LOVE the moon candy polishes! I have the blue one and love it, so I bought the purple one, but haven't used it yet. Basically all of the base polishes look black at first look but they are just a dark saturated color.

  2. I got one of these, can’t remember the name but it was the blue one. It was a pain in the rear to open. But my daughter loves the double ended bottles, so if i see them for cheap on clearance or something, I will probably grab a few.


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