Friday, May 31, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Ivy's Kiss

Since it's the last day of May, I thought I would share a polish that's unique to the month of May. This one is called Ivy's Kiss from Rainbow Honey, and it is their limited edition color of the month.

I really wanted to post it sooner considering it's limited edition, but I've been so busy! I've also been dying to try it since it's emerald green, and emerald is May's birthstone - and I'm a May baby! Yesterday was actually my birthday. 

Ivy's Kiss is a gorgeous emerald green. It is a deep green jelly base with various green and gold glitter. The base is almost a bluish green, and it even contains some very fine flecks to make it shimmery and sparkly. The larger glitter pieces are medium sized golden circles and hexes.

I was a little afraid that Ivy's Kiss might look a little too much like Saint Patrick's polishes, since it's mostly green and gold. It's not though, and I love it! The green is more of a bluish green or teal than I thought it would be, and the gold glitter is sunken into the green jelly. You can see the sparkle, but it isn't too overwhelming.

Application was alright, though Ivy's Kiss is definitely on the thick side. It was workable though, and a tiny bit of thinner would probably make the consistency perfect. I only applied two coats since I didn't want to go glitter crazy, and I think it covered well. I like the jelly look of it too, so I wanted it to remain a little sheer.

Bonus macro shot! I might try to get more into macro photos like this. As you can see, a couple layers really shows all the various glitter and the tiny flecks that are all over. 

If you would like to purchase Ivy's Kiss, now if your chance! It is limited edition for May, so I don't know if they will sell it until it runs out, or remove the polish once the June one comes out. Either way, Ivy's Kiss is currently available at for $10.00, or you can get it for free with a $50 purchase from


  1. Very pretty color! And Happy Birthday. :)

  2. Pretty green! It is great for May because of the birthstone, and I think it would be nice in a St. Patty's mani. Also, happy belated birthday!

  3. Uhh! I just love your Vine videos! It really shows off the sparkly goodness :)

  4. Very pretty! The macro shots and the video really show off how sparkly it is. :)

  5. mmmmmm so yummy!! Like we said before, perfect for May babies! <3

  6. I love the in depth pictures/angles! Great review!


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