Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rainbow Honey - FAB Summer Set

Rainbow Honey made some beautiful summer polishes! This set is the FAB Summer Set which is exclusive to the the website. I was sent mini bottles for review, but if you buy the set, they will be full size polishes.
Products sent for consideration, all opinions are my own. 

As usual, even the presentation of the product is amazing. The polishes come in a little gift box that would be ready to give as a gift. Or if you're like me and you just order it for yourself, it makes it extra special and fun to receive in the mail and open up.

There are three polishes in this set: Tenda, Costa del Sol, and Schrammi. I tried to get some bottle shots of them, but just looking at the polish in the bottle does not do them justice! They are much more shimmery on the nail. 


Tenda is a bright kelly green. I like how it's really cheery for summer, but it isn't neon or too light. Like I said, it's very bright though! Tenda also has gold shimmer inside of it. It doesn't show much inside the bottle, but it is very shimmery in the light. The tiny gold flecks really glisten!

Tenda is pretty much a one coater. I was surprised at how opaque this polish is!  I did apply two coats just in case though. Since it's very opaque, it wasn't streaky either. Both coats applied very easily - I had no issues with this formula.


Schrammi is an interesting color to me. It's somewhat of a deep coral, though it can look lighter in some light, and almost like a darker terracotta color in other light. The difference probably has to do with the fact that Schrammi also has the gold shimmer. It seems more subtle in this polish since it's gold and orange, so the gold doesn't contrast as much as it does in Tenda. But it's still very shimmery in the light!

Schrammi is a bit more of a crelly than Tenda. It isn't as opaque as Tenda, but it still covered very well in two coats. The first coat just wasn't as impressive is all, but two coats really made it look wonderful! I had no issues applying Schrammi either - both coats went on smoothly, and I didn't have to make the coats very thick to get full coverage. 

Costa del Sol: 

Costa del Sol is a glitter topcoat, so I applied it over both Tenda and Schrammi. The whole time I was applying this polish, I had the Costa del Sol song from Final Fantasy VII stuck in my head!

Costa del Sol is filled with golden glitters. It is a clear base that has holographic gold bars, medium hexes, small hexes, and some micro glitter as well. Among the micro glitter is also some golden shimmer, so it really catches the light even more on top of the golden shine that Tenda and Schrammi already have.

I'm not always a big fan of bar glitter, but I like it in this polish. The bar glitter and medium hexes aren't overwhelming - I feel like there is a good amount of both in Costa del Sol. I also like how they're not just metallic gold, but they're holographic! Each piece will shine red, green, and everything in between.


 I only applied one coat of Costa del Sol over Tenda and Schrammi. The glitter looks a little sparse because of it, but I didn't want to overdo it and have too many overlapping bars and hexes. In person though, there is a lot of golden shimmer in between. It's difficult to capture in a still photo, but it's pretty stunning when you move your fingers around!

I tried to show a little movement with Schrammi and Costa del Sol on my nails with the Vine app below. I'll need to try and get video of more nails in the future, and with better lighting! 

If you would like to purchase the FAB Summer Set, it's exclusive to! The set can be purchased here for $25. You will be receiving the full 15mL bottles if you order, not the minis I have! Don't forget to check out all of the wonderful polishes on Rainbow Honey's website too. 

Products sent for consideration, all opinions are my own.

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