Monday, May 27, 2013

Orly - Sparkling Garbage

Have you ever bought a nail polish just because of the name? I sort of did that with this one! It's called Sparkling Garbage from Orly. I think the name is funny for some reason, but the polish is also beautiful!

I'm addicted to blue and green polishes, and holographic polishes, so this one just looked perfect. Sparkling Garbage is a bluish-greenish jelly base filled with tiny holographic glitter. It's a very sheer jelly, so it would take several coats to get full coverage with just this polish. 

Since it's pretty sheer, I applied it over Zoya Bevin, since that's a similar color to the base. Applying Sparkling Garbage over it darkened it a little, but it actually turned out pretty close to how it appears in the bottle! I applied two coats of Bevin and two coats of Sparkling Garbage

I am really loving how sparkly it is! I also like how it's a jelly. While it's sort of unfortunate that it's so sheer on its own, it's nice since it adds depth. With a few coats, you'll be able to appreciate three times the glitter since you'll still be able to see it all!

Since it's holographic, it's a little difficult to capture exactly how it appears in person. It doesn't look very exciting when it's in focus! So I've embedded another Vine video below to show it in action, slightly out of focus. I can't stop wiggling my fingers around! 


  1. Gorgeous!! I was debating whether to buy this one and I actually put it back I have to go back lol

  2. I adore this polish. If you layer it over Essie's Where's My Chauffeur? It looks beautiful.

  3. LOVE the inclusion of the vine video!

  4. having a hard time finding it here in the netherlands.


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