Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ipsy - May Glam Bag

I received my May Glam Bag in the mail toward the end of last week, so I thought I would share it with you! I was really excited about some of this month's featured products, especially Zoya! Here's a quick look of what was inside my bag:

I unboxed everything, and I'm really happy with what I received! I got the bonus Urban Decay eyeshadow, and I also got Zoya Julie. I was afraid I was going to end up with Neely, Blu, or Jacqueline since I already have those from the Lovely collection. But Julie is new to my collection, so I'm happy!

Items I received:

  • Juice Beauty lip gloss in Pink
  • Zoya Julie
  • Yaby concealer in buff
  • Nume finishing serum
  • St. Tropez instant glow body lotion
  • Urban Decay Moondust in Zodiac

Juice Beauty lip gloss: I wasn't too thrilled about this item, but I wasn't disappointed either. I was really looking forward to getting the Mirabella lipstick, but this gloss is nice! It looks pretty dark in the tube, but it isn't nearly as pigmented on your lips.

Like other Juice Beauty products, it smells wonderful - it smells like fresh fruit! It looks almost pinkish-purple in the tube, but a quick swatch shows that it's more of a rosy tint with some sparkle. The sparkle is nice, almost like a superfine holographic shine, but it isn't crazy. It makes my lips nice and glossy but not too colored or too flashy. My lips felt moisturized and soft with it on, and it isn't too thick or greasy feeling either.

Yaby concealer in buff: I honestly had no idea what this was when I first got it. It doesn't mention that it's a concealer anywhere on the packaging, nor does the card that comes with the Glam Bag. I actually thought it was eyeshadow primer at first! I wish they would list the items a little better sometimes. 

But the concealer itself is pretty nice. I see that Ipsy is trying to match items to their subscribers better, so I ended up with a pretty light shade since I have very fair skin. The swatch below shows that it is more yellow toned than my skin is. The coverage is amazing though! It matched and blended better on my face, and it certainly covered dark spots and acne spots. It doesn't take a lot to cover up, and it isn't too heavy or greasy feeling. This container is tiny, but I think it will last me a while. 

Zoya Julie: Like I said, I was pretty excited about Zoya being in Ipsy bags this month! And I'm even happier that I don't already own this shade. This one is called Julie from the Lovely collection. It is a pretty pastel purple with a pearl shine to it. 

It applied very smoothly, though I got a couple tiny bubbles in it with topcoat. It covered very well in two coats, which is nice for such a light shade. The first coat was very streaky and thin, but the second made it opaque! Typically I'm a huge fan of cremes, but I'm really loving this pearl finish. The color is nice too. I'm not always a fan of purples, but this one is beautiful. Unfortunately it's summertime now, so I won't be using it too much! But it's a keeper for the next spring season. 

Nume finishing serum: I'm a little tired of getting hair products in my Glam Bags, but this one is alright. Like the others I've tried, at least it works. This one is to help control a little frizz while adding shine. It's almost like argan oil, as it's very lightweight. It adds shine but doesn't weigh down your hair too much.

It's a little thick inside the bottle, so the dropper doesn't work perfectly with it. When you first put it in your hands, it's more like a gel, though it quickly turns into more of a liquid. I squeezed a full dropper out into my palm, rubbed my hands together, and smoothed it into my hair. It made my hair silky and shiny, and it smells pretty good too.

St. Tropez instant glow body lotion: this is another product that I wish was labeled on the card better. Even the tube doesn't really make it clear what it is. I thought it was a sunless tanner, but it isn't. It's more a bronzing body lotion, and adds a temporary fake tan. It doesn't actually tan your skin, but washes off the next time you shower.

I was sort of looking forward to trying a sunless tanner, so I was a little disappointed. The product itself is alright, though I don't see myself buying it since it's so short lived. I suppose if you really needed a quick temporary tan without committing to actually changing your skin tone, it's nice. For example, maybe you just want to look a bit tanner for a wedding, but don't want to have a lingering spray tan or chemical tan for days or weeks after.

It also smells surprisingly good. It actually smells like a nice perfumed body lotion. I suppose since it's more of a surface bronzer (it's also slightly shimmery like bronzer) instead of tanning chemicals it can actually smell good! It gives a pretty natural looking glow and it also washed off easily in the shower. The only downside was applying it with my hands. My hands were pretty dark brownish after applying it, and that didn't come off as easily. It did in the shower, but I mean it didn't come off of my hands while I still wanted to wear the lotion on my body! So you might want to try applying it with a washcloth.

Urban Decay Moondust in Zodiac: I also received the bonus Urban Decay eyeshadow. I haven't tried any of the Moondust eyeshadows yet, so I was excited! I received Zodiac, a shimmery deep greenish shade.

This is a very shimmery eyeshadow, so there is quite a bit of shimmery fallout from it. It recommends applying it with your finger, probably to help reduce flinging shimmery bits everywhere with a brush. I swatched it with my finger onto the back of my hand. As you can see below, it isn't nearly as pigmented as it appears in the container. I did three swipes on the left, and one swipe on the right. It's easy to build up though, and it's even easier to build up when it's on primer or applied wet.

Altogether, I'm happy with what I received. I got some things I wanted, and some things I didn't really want, but at least I got to try new things! After all, that's somewhat the point of Ipsy - trying new products. I'll at least be putting them to good use, especially the Zoya polish, the Yaby concealer, and the Urban Decay eyeshadow. 

If you would like to join Ipsy, it's still only $10 per month! You can join here, or use my unique referral code:  
I don't think you'll be disappointed, especially if they're matching products to your skin tone and hair needs now! 

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