Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Different Dimension - Echoes Collection

I have a very exciting collection to share with you all! This one is the Echoes collection from Different Dimension. This collection is inspired by Pink Floyd, and if you're like me, you'll be singing all the songs after just looking at the names!
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

There are six polishes in this collection. From left to right they are Wish You Were Here, Another Brick in the Wall, Hey You, Time, Comfortably Numb, and Money. The diversity in this collection is great - there's green, pink, blue, yellow, and even all sorts of shapes like hexes, squares, diamonds, and circles of all sizes. Let's take a closer look!

Wish You Were Here:

Wish You Were Here really caught my eye from the beginning. I've been loving circular glitter recently, and this one has a lot of it! Wish You Were Here is a clear base with large holographic purple and silver circles, and smaller ones in pink and bright blue. There's even square glitter and lots of holographic microglitter for added shimmer.

I applied two coats of Wish You Were Here over Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-Mint. The glitter dispersed pretty easily, though I did purposely try to get some larger circles on each nail. They weren't difficult to get out, I would just recommend leaving your bottle upside down for a little bit before using it. But I think it's worth it - it looks stunning!

Another Brick in the Wall:

Another Brick in the Wall is a clear base with lots of square and rectangular glitter. They're not brick red, but the squares are hot pink and there are also black and white rectangles. I think the rectangles are pretty unique! I haven't seen rectangular glitter in many polishes. 

I applied one coat of Another Brick in the Wall over Milani U Pinky Swear. I'm really impressed with how much it covers just in one coat! I was going to apply a second but was afraid it would look too busy with all of the microglitter. The tiny black and white flecks really fill in the negative space well! 

Hey You:

Hey You is another one that really caught my eye from the start. I love creamy bases filled with glitter, and this is no exception. Hey You is a pale purple crelly base with various purple and magenta glitters. There are medium and small purple hexes and medium magenta circles. Some of the glitter is also holographic for some added sparkle.

I applied three thin coats of Hey You for these photos. It is very sheer in one coat, but it become opaque easily. I also like how a few layers adds depth and you can see the glitter from the first couple coats through it! It almost looks like a speckled purple robin's egg.


Time is another one that uses circular glitter. Time is a clear base with lots of different glitter. Like I said, this collection is very diverse! This one has holographic purple circles and stars, along with black stars, black diamonds, black squares, and white hexes. There is also some holographic microglitter to add some sparkle. 

The holographic circles and stars are amazing. I think they look pretty trippy, which is perfect for a Pink Floyd collection! They shine blue, red, green, and everything in between. I applied two coats of Time over Revlon Lily

 Comfortably Numb: 

Comfortably Numb is easily the brightest in the collection. It has a clear base and is filled with various hot pink and yellow glitter. There are some large pink hexes and medium yellow hexes, along with lots of tiny yellow flecks. There is also somewhat of a pinkish shimmer to this polish. You can see it catching the light on the index finger.

I applied two coats of Comfortably Numb over Zoya Carey. Carey is a gray creme, and you can see how Comfortably Numb has made it somewhat shimmery. I think this one would look great over a lot of colors for summer since it's pretty neon, but would also stand out against black, white, or gray. I'm really loving pink and yellow paired with gray though!


Money is probably my second favorite in the collection, only behind Wish You Were Here. Money is a very pale green crelly base. It's almost white with a hint of mint, and it contains lots of green glitter. I like how Money has green circles (green like money!), but also bright blue circles and yellowish hexes. I think the other colors add to it so it isn't just green, and it makes the polish a lot more interesting. 

I applied two coats of Money. It is pretty opaque in two coats, but three would probably make it even less sheer. I didn't have to manipulate the glitter - I got a good covering of different kinds just applying it like normal polish. 

I love all of these polishes! The glitter topcoats are certainly unique, but I'm also loving the crelly polishes. I think Wish You Were Here and Money are my two favorites.

If you would like to purchase polishes from Different Dimension's Echoes collection, they are available on Different Dimension's Etsy shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DIFFERENTdimension
Different Dimension polishes are also for sale on Llarowe: http://shop.llarowe.com/collections/different-dimension

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

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