Thursday, May 16, 2013

365 Days of Color - Sizzling Summer Collection

I have another exciting collection to share with you all! This one is the summer collection from 365 Days of Color called the Sizzling Summer collection. Most of the polishes are neon and are perfect for summer. I have four from the six piece collection.
Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 

From left to right the polishes are Itty Bitty Bikini, Big Purple Umbrella, Sand's Getting Hot!, and Lazy Beach Days. I like how unique they all are from each other! No two in this collection are too similar. Here's a closer look at all four:

Itty Bitty Bikini: 

Itty Bitty Bikini is a bright neon green crelly. It is somewhat of a creme since it can build up to be opaque easily, but it's also pretty sheer. I like the sheerness since it allows you to see more glitter with more coats! I used three thin coats and you can still see some depth to it.

Itty Bitty Bikini has all black glitter. I think the green and black combination is interesting for summer, but this polish looks very edgy to me! The black bar glitter and squares also make me think of grass when I look at this polish. The glitter all laid flat - I didn't even use a topcoat on this polish.

Big Purple Umbrella: 

Big Purple Umbrella is more of a jelly than Itty Bitty Bikini. I also used three thin coats for this polish, but you can see it's more sheer than Itty Bitty Bikini in the end. The color is beautiful - it's a bright purple with a hint of pink. All of the glitter in this one is white, which contrasts with Itty Bitty Bikini's black well. I think one would make an interesting inverted accent nail for the other! 

There is no bar glitter in this one, just tiny hexes and some rectangles. All of the glitter laid flat and dispersed easily. I got great glitter coverage without trying. All the little white dots and the depth of this polish look like a bunch of stars in a galaxy or nebula! 

Sand's Getting Hot!

From the start, I knew I would like this one. Sand's Getting Hot! is a bright pinkish polish. It looks a bit more orange in these photos, though it is indeed a pink leaning coral. This one is unique because instead of tons of different glitter, it has shreds. It still has some tiny micro glitter to fill in the negative space though. 

The shreds are purple and aqua, and I think they go perfect with the pinkish base color. I only used two coats of Sand's Getting Hot! for these photos. This one is more of a creme than the previous two. I didn't really have a problem with the shreds. They all laid flat except for one on my ring finger nail. But it's nothing that a layer of topcoat won't fix! 

Lazy Beach Days: 

Lazy Beach Days is another one that I knew I would love. I'm always a sucker for blues and greens, and this teal polish falls right in that category. Lazy Beach Days is an interesting combination - it is a light teal base with burgundy and copper glitters, along with some silver micro squares to fill in. I am stunned by this color combo! I love it!

Lazy Beach Days also covered very well. This one is somewhat of a creme like Sand's Getting Hot! I only used two coats of Lazy Beach Days and it covered very well. The color is a bit more teal/greenish in person, though it does look a little more blue or green depending on the light.

I'm really excited about these polishes! I love all four and I'll probably be buying the other two from the collection, along with the unique polish for June. If you would like to snag some of the Sizzling Summer polishes yourself, check out 365 Days of Color's shop:
Her shop will open tomorrow (May 17) and stay open for the weekend, so get them while you can! Also be sure to follow her Facebook page for future updates about new polishes and when the shop will be open. 

Products sent for review. All opinions are my own. 


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