Monday, April 15, 2013

Zoya - Summer PixieDust

I am so excited to have the new summer PixieDust polishes from Zoya! The colors are beautiful, but unfortunately my nails are currently down to nubs! My middle finger nail decided to break really far down. So far down, that I can't even make the others short enough to match it. So I hope these swatches still do the Pixies justice!

Like the previous PixieDust polishes from Zoya, they're just stunning to look at. Each color is very sparkly, and even the bottles are a bit unique - the tops are a matte finish.

There are six colors (left to right): Destiny, Beatrix, Solange, Miranda, Stevie, and Liberty. The top three are super bright and perfect for summer! I'm also very excited about Liberty since it is such a beautiful shade of blue.

I used two coats of each PixieDust polish with no topcoat.


Solange is a unique shade of yellow. At first I was unsure of how this one would look on the nail since it's pretty sheer. It ended up turning out different than I had imagined, and is much more a yellow gold color than just yellow. I still can't quite put my finger on what shade it is exactly, but it's very bright! The name also makes me think of the word "solar" and the color makes me think of the summer sun. Solange has a "foil twinkle formula."


Beatrix is a beautiful tangerine shade. It's a light orange, and has a very "citrusy" feel to it. The texture almost makes it look like the surface of an orange or tangerine too! This polish turned out to be a little lighter than I thought it would be. It seems that it happens with most of the PixieDusts though since they also dry somewhat matte, and they turn out to be lighter than they are when wet. This one was pretty sheer in one coat, but two made it perfect. Beatrix has a "foil twinkle formula."


Destiny is a unique shade to me. At first glance I thought it was just red, but it's almost a reddish watermelon color. The PixieDusts are more jelly than anything, so this one is sheer and almost on the pinkish-red side. It's almost like a PixieDust version of Zoya Belle since it's so shimmery too, though more red. It's difficult to describe this shade since I don't have any others like it! I guess I'll just sum it up as "a coral metal sparkle," as the Zoya website says. Destiny has a "foil twinkle formula."


Miranda is another shade that I was excited about. It may not be as bright or summery as the previous three, but it reminds me of summer fruit juice. I would describe Miranda as being a cranberry or rose color. It is pinkish but somewhat subdued. It appears lighter on the nail than it does in the bottle since it is also a jelly, and dries a bit lighter as well. I'm really loving how it is a beautiful feminine color, but isn't too bright and girly. It's a wonderful shade and I think it will be versatile for any season. 


Stevie is a little different from the other colors as well. It is a very light violet, almost lilac. This one is more of a spring color than a summer color to me, but it is gorgeous nonetheless. Stevie is very sheer in one coat, but turns pretty opaque in two coats. It isn't as much of a jelly as the others too, so while it is very sparkly and pretty, I just feel that it doesn't have the same amount of depth to it. 


Liberty is probably the most stunning shade out of the bunch to me. Something about the super saturated blue just really intrigues me. Liberty almost reminds me of Chyna from the previous PixieDust collection - the color is very intense compared to the others. The shade of blue is very unique too: I would describe this one as a cerulean jelly. I thought it was going to be darker, almost like a navy blue,  but I'm quite happy with how bright it is. I suppose if you wanted it to appear darker, you could apply it over a dark blue polish.

Thoughts: I really like all of the shades in this collection! I was unsure of a couple like Solange and Stevie, but I ended up liking them on the nail more than I thought I would. A few of them appear lighter in person than they look on Zoya's website too, and also dry a bit lighter since they are slightly matte. 

As for the texture, I really enjoy it. It isn't too intense, so it doesn't feel like rough, gritty sandpaper. Instead it has an interesting look and feel to it, and all of the colors are very shimmery and sparkly. I didn't apply topcoat to them like I did last time, but I'm sure these ones are just as versatile and would look great with it too, if you prefer smooth, glossy nails. 

For removal, they come off much easier than expected. I applied a cotton ball with nail polish remover on each nail and let it sit for a couple minutes, and then the polish slid right off. It is much easier to remove than glitter polish. 

You can currently purchase the summer PixieDust polishes from Zoya's website for $9.00 each. 

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Very pretty! I love that light purple. Great swatches :)

  2. Thanks for the posting! Swatches look amazing as always :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I'm really glad the golden flash showed up so well.


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