Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wet n Wild - 2013 Limited Edition Spring Palettes

In my search for the Wet n Wild Spring Forward palettes, I found a couple different limited edition eyeshadow palettes. These ones are labeled as "Color Icon Eyeshadow Medley," and don't have individual names. I think they may also be called "Get Your Look" palettes.

There were only two different palettes from what I could see, so I grabbed both. They were only $4.99 each, and both came packaged with Wet n Wild Mega Liner liquid eyeliner. I thought I couldn't go wrong getting an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner for $5!

The liquid eyeliner isn't anything too special. It isn't the easiest to apply, but it wasn't terribly difficult either. I probably struggled a bit more since I tend to use Urban Decay 24/7 pencils instead. The eyeliner is very opaque though and the brush was pretty easy to get the hang of.

As for the palettes, I'm still sad that they don't have names. I love when beauty products have names for the colors instead of just numbers! The one above (I will refer to it as the gold one) is number 34120. The one below (I will refer to it as the green one) is number 34121. They are exactly the same size as the other Wet n Wild palettes, such as Comfort Zone (8-pan palette), and come with an applicator that is half sponge, half brush.

At first glance, the colors are very appealing in both. I was guessing that I would like the green one more though since I tend to like greens, browns, and have been in love with minty and aqua shades recently. The gold palette is a bit more neutral with more gold and a lighter brown though. 

I did some swatches on my hand over Madison Street Beauty eyeshadow primer. I laid them out as they appear in the palette so you can see which color is which, since they don't have names.

  • The top row is super shimmery. They look almost invisible at some angles, but then light up silver in the light. They were a bit difficult to apply and control since they're not just shimmery, but almost have flakies inside. You may experience a bit of fallout with these. 
  • The middle row is shimmery, but controllable  These are the main attraction in the palettes, so I'm glad that they're pretty pigmented but don't have a ton of fallout. The pink was probably the least pigmented, while the gold was pretty impressive for how light it is. 
  • The bottom row is a couple of matte colors, a medium brown and black. These would be for defining the outer corner or for under the eye I suppose. I love these two, but sometimes it's difficult to blend a matte eyeshadow and a shimmery eyeshadow together. 

I also swatched this palette over Madison Street Beauty eyeshadow primer, and laid out the swatches as they appear in the palette. 
  • The top row is the shimmers. Again, these are a bit difficult to get the hang of. I love the tinted shimmers, especially the minty and pinkish ones. These ones are also almost more flakie than shimmery, meaning they're not just metallic but have tiny shimmery flecks. It doesn't really show once it's applied, but they start to get everywhere while applying, so you will have little flakie fallout. 
  • The middle row is interesting. I didn't think the greenish color would be as pigmented as it is. I'm glad though, since this color had my attention the most. The reddish and pink shades were also pretty impressive. They're all slightly shimmery.
  • The bottom row is a couple of matte colors. The brown is very dark, and the other one is almost purple. It looks more purple/blue in the palette, and then looks more black/purple on the skin. Once again, these would be used as your definers in the outer corner, but blending matte shadows into shimmery ones may be a little difficult. 
I'm pretty happy with these palettes. They're not the most amazing colors, but I like them for the price. Even though I'm not a huge fan of the shimmery top rows, I'll be getting more use out of the middle and bottom rows. I think that's alright though since each palette was only $4.99! I like the green one more than the gold one, but I'll probably end up mixing and matching colors from both. 

Products purchased by me. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. I saw these but because I was on the search for a different WnW palette, I passed on these. :/


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