Thursday, April 4, 2013

Rainbow Honey - The Robot Collection

I have a very special collection to share with you today! It's a new collection from Rainbow Honey called The Robot Collection. All of the polishes are very bright, shiny, and metallic, like robots! There is also one glitter topcoat in the collection.

As always, even the packaging is stunning from Rainbow Honey. I got their new mini bottles to review, but since it's the whole set, they were all packaged nicely in this little gift box with tissue paper! The pamphlet about the collection also opens up into somewhat of a mini poster with different robots on it.

They were all lined up so nicely, I just had to get some photos! I love how wonderful everything looks, and Rainbow Honey's products always look ready to be given as gifts.

I tried to arrange the photos in color order so that you can compare the most similar shades with each other more easily. I also applied the glitter topcoat Yoshimi to one nail of each color, so you can see how it pairs with the other polishes in the collection.

Femme Bot:

Femme Bot is a beautiful shade of pink. Rainbow Honey describes this one as a "sparkling metallic peony." It is certainly metallic, and is very shiny. I'm not a huge fan of pinks, but I love this shade! It's not too bright or dark for me. I used two coats of Femme Bot for the photos. 

Dusty Bot:

Dusty Bot is a "sparkling metallic lavender." With a name like Dusty Bot, I thought of this color as a dusty light purple. It's a very pale shade of purple, almost like a metallic pastel. It's certainly unique among my collection of purple polishes! I used two coats of Dusty Bot for the photos.

Skyward Bot:

Skyward Bot is a really pretty shade of blue. It is described as a "sparkling metallic cerulean." I don't think it's really as bright as some cerulean shades, but it's certainly pretty! I think it's more like a denim blue, and almost looks like the texture of denim with the sparkling metallic bits inside. I used two coats of Skyward Bot for the photos.

Bitty Love Bot:

Bitty Love Bot is a "sparkling metallic aqua." I think it's more like a beautiful metallic mint! I love mint, aqua, and teal shades, so either way I love it. I think this is another very unique polish since I don't have a metallic mint. I've seen some mint polishes with a light shimmer, but nothing like this! It's very pale, somewhat pastel, but covered very easily. I used two coats of Bitty Love Bot for the photos.

Lucky Bot:

When I read the name Lucky Bot, I thought of Saint Patrick's Day since it's green! It's described as a "sparkling metallic agave," but it's more like a metallic spring green or chartreuse to me. It's very light and bright, and it's another shade that I don't typically see in metallic form. I really love this color and think it's perfect for spring! I used two coats of Lucky Bot for these photos.


I applied Yoshimi on each color above, but I thought that it deserved some love of its own. Yoshimi is "a truly mod black & white combination of glitters sprinkled with a bit of iridescence." It's black, white, and sparkly! The sparkles didn't show too well in photos over the metallic colors, so I applied it over a few bold cremes. I applied it over China Glaze Passion for Petals, Sinful Colors Smokin, Butter London Slapper, and Butter London Jaffa. You can see the sparkles a lot better over cremes! I applied one generous coat of Yoshimi over each nail.

Quality: As usual, I think the quality of Rainbow Honey's polishes is exceptional. Each color in The Robot Collection applied well and covered well. They're all pretty much one coat polishes, with the exception of Yoshimi since it's a glitter topcoat. I applied two coats of each color just to make sure I didn't have any thin spots, but each color is incredibly opaque. 

Colors: I love the colors in this collection. I think they're diverse and there are no two shades that are too similar. I also think the colors are very appropriate for the season, and while they're very "springtime," they'll be pretty all year! 

Final thoughts: I really love this collection, honestly. I also love Rainbow Honey's exceptional packaging and new mini bottles! 

The Robot Collection will be available on and participating retail partners around the globe on April 5, 2013. The collection will be available in full size bottles (15ml) and mini bottles (4ml) as well. The full size collection (all 6) is $50 and the mini collection (all 6) is $25. Also if you spend $50, you'll get free shipping and a FREE secret polish! 

Products sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 


  1. not my shades, but love the box :)

    1. I always get excited over their packaging. I really love it! It makes it look so professional, and it's more like getting a little gift in the mail :)


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