Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ipsy - April Bag

I'm trying to get back into the habit of sharing my monthly Ipsy bags with you. I remembered to post this month's bag, and it's a pretty good bag too!

This month's theme is Pretty in Pink. Pretty much every item, including the bag, is pink. While I like pink, I don't wear too much for pink aside from lip colors, so I thought this would be interesting! 

Here's what was in my bag:

  • Sexy Hair soy renewal
  • Sation nail polish in Of Corset I'll Call You
  • MicaBeauty mineral eyeshadow in Earth
  • Be A Bombshell blush in Beach Please

Sexy Hair soy renewal: As someone with very frizzy hair, I'm always excited to try new hair products. The soy renewal says to apply to damp hair to speed up blow drying, or to apply to dry hair to help reduce frizz. I don't blow dry my hair (though I flat iron), so I applied it to dry hair. It has a strange feeling to it - the product itself feels very slippery. I would say it's oily to the touch, but it is much lighter than oil, and not as shiny. It did help keep some stray hairs down and add a little shine without overdoing it though.

Sation nail polish in Of Corset I'll Call You: I've tried a couple of Sation polishes before, but not too many. The formula in all of them so far has been nice, including this one. Of Corset I'll Call you applied smoothly, but took a little while to dry. It was a little sticky, but not unbearable, although I did not use a topcoat to help it dry. This shade is pretty sheer though. I applied three generous coats for the photos, and it's still a little see-through. It's a nice, delicate color, although it's not something I would normally buy myself, but I like it.

MicaBeauty mineral eyeshadow in Earth: I'm sort of glad that I got this eyeshadow instead of the possible pink one. While I like pink, sometimes it's difficult for me to wear it, especially around my eyes. I like this shade since it's more neutral, though it's very shimmery. While it's called Earth, it's more like a shimmery warm mauve. It's somewhere between light brown and pink. 

While it looks very brown in the photo, it catches the light and sparkles pink, purple, silver and more in person. I swatched it on my hand below, on the right.

Be A Bombshell blush in Beach Please: The name of this blush certainly made me laugh. Beach Please is a hot pink matte blush. I was afraid of this being a little too bold since I'm so fair skinned, but it actually works out pretty well. I like that it is matte and not shimmery too. I swatched it with my finger onto the back of my hand above. The swatch is more bold than I would wear it, but it's a quick swipe onto my skin. It blends easily, which is nice, so even if you're a bit heavy handed with it, it's not too hard to blend it out and make it more subtle. 

Once again I'm pretty pleased with my Ipsy bag. I'm still amazed that this is only $10 per month! There were only four products this time, but the Sation nail polish and Be A Bombshell blush are full size, and even the MicaBeauty eyeshadow is a good size. I will get plenty of uses out of each product. 

If you would like to join Ipsy, you can subscribe or join their waiting list on

Subscription paid for by me. All opinions are my own. 

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