Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Challenge - Chicks

Since I did bunny nail art for spring, I thought I also had to do little chicks! I always think of baby rabbits and  chickens for Easter. Plus they're cute, so why not try some nail art of them?

Of course I was clumsy at hit one of my nails into the chick with the egg shells. So now he has a scar on his beak! But I love him all the same.

As for the others, I really had no idea how to paint baby chicks! I didn't give them any wings or textured fuzz, but I painted little eyes, beaks, and feet to try and portray them in a very simplistic way.

I started by painting all of my nails yellow with Julep Blake. I then took my white striping polish and free handed the eggshell pieces on the accent nail. I chose my middle finger to be the accent this time since it's my widest nail after my thumb.

I then dotted the eyes with black, and added a tiny bit of glare with smaller white dots. After deciding where their eyes went, I painted the beaks and feet with an orange striping polish. And that's it! I know they're super simple, but I think they're adorable. 

The chicks almost remind me of Chocobos from Final Fantasy too. I think I'm loving the one on my pinkie nail the most!

As always, you're welcome to join in on the challenge! Feel free to share your nails with me on my Facebook wall
There are lots of great bloggers participating in this challenge too! 


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