Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Urban Decay - Theodora Palette

I know I may be a little late to the Oz palette party, but I got the Urban Decay Oz palettes and just had to share! Also I'm finally seeing Oz the Great and Powerful later tonight, so I thought it was an appropriate time to play with this palette.

I knew from the moment that I saw this palette, I needed it. I love neutral shades such as browns and greens, and Urban Decay's 24/7 glide-on eye pencil in Zero is my go-to eyeliner.

The shadows are really amazing. As expected with most Urban Decay eyeshadows, they're all very smooth and apply easily, with the exception of Spell. The colors are fine and they apply well for the most part, but they're very glittery so there is a fallout and they're slightly more difficult to apply.

I was really excited to open it up! There's just something about a brand new palette that's very exciting. The unused shadows just look too perfect to touch, but I swatched and used them shortly after admiring them anyway!

The two Oz palettes come with these "get the look" cards. I think it's very helpful, but the only problem I have with it is that it used the names of the shadows, which are unmarked in the palette. They are labeled on the box that the palette comes in and on the bottom of the individual shadows (they're removeable), but not the palette itself. I suppose this is because the palette is reuseable, but remembering the individual names might be difficult if it's not your daily palette.

I labeled the first set of swatches here, although they are displayed in the same arrangement as in the palette. I applied them on top of Elf eyeshadow primer.

Broken doesn't show too well on me since I'm very fair skinned. However, it is still a very light shadow that still shows and works perfectly as a brow highlighter or inside the corners of the eyes.
West is a dark, shimmery shade. This is what I'll probably be using in the outer corners of my eyes most often.
Beware is a lovely light to medium brown. It has no shimmer, and would be great for daytime use if you're not going for a very bold eye look.
Spell is unique since it has one name, but is split into two colors. I really like the two shades, however they're glittery and have some fallout. Still, it isn't as bad as some other UD shadows I've tried. The darker half also applied lighter than it appears. It almost looks like pure black, but applies as almost a deep purplish-brown.

Bewitch is a great dark brown. It applied very smoothly just like Beware, and they pair well since they aren't very shimmery.
Jealous is also interesting since it is split in half. The greens are similar, but the darker half is more of a standalone shadow. The lighter part does show up on its own, but really makes darker shadows interesting when it's applied on top.
Theodora, the super saturated high gloss lip color, meets its expectations. It is truly super saturated, and one swipe gives you immediate color. You don't have to go over and over with it to achieve bright red lips. I'm also surprised at how glossy it is and how it feels on my lips. I've tried other lip crayons, and they were not as glossy and didn't feel as moisturizing.

I tried out my own look with the palette and lip color. I applied Beware on my lid, using Bewitch and West on the outer corners. I used Jealous under my eyes for a pop of color. I used the darker half on the outer part, and the lighter half toward the inner eye.

I highlighted my browbone and the inside corner with Broken, though it's difficult to see on my skin tone. I then barely touched the gold half of Spell onto the center of my lids for a touch of gold shine. I lined my waterline with Zero, which also comes with the palette, and applied black mascara.

I know my eyebrows are terrible at the moment, but I'm loving the eye makeup! I'm always nervous about sharing my makeup since I'm definitely not a pro when it comes to makeup application. It's also difficult to take photos of myself!

The Theodora palette is a wonderful value to me. I'm so glad I picked it up. If you can still find it anywhere, I highly recommend grabbing it before it's too late! The palette can also be reused since you can remove the eyeshadow pots and place different ones inside. 

I'm also excited that it's not only six eyeshadows, but a lip color and eyeliner pencil as well. The eyeliner pencil is a smaller size than the normal ones, but buying a full lip pencil and eye pencil would be about $40 itself, so I'm happy to have gotten them in my $49 purchase. 

You can still buy both of the Oz palettes from Urban Decay's website

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