Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pretty & Polished - Tomboyish

I have another very exciting polish to share with you all! This one from Pretty & Polished changes color with heat. I took several photos to show its color changing ability, so this may be a little photo-heavy! 

This is what Tomboyish looked like after wearing it for a while. My body heat turned the polish from a grayed green to a light grayish-blue. It remained green on my tips since they were cold though.

Tomboyish is described as being "very laid back shade with holographic sparkle throughout" on Pretty & Polished's website. It also says that there is a "slight gritty texture to add to the "tomboy" aspect."

I only really notice a tiny bit of the holographic sparkle that's mentioned. Since it's so subtle, it really isn't visible in the photos, but it's there if you look super closely in person!

It also wasn't too gritty. It had a very slight texture to it, but I applied a coat of Seche Vite on top to make it smooth and glossy. I suppose the texture didn't really stand out to me now that I'm used to very textured polishes like Zoya Pixiedust.

I then warmed up my fingers to make it entirely gray! The gray is definitely a blue-gray, perhaps even on the teal side. I think it's a really pretty color like this too. It's almost like a subdued pastel.

One problem with it changing to a lighter color is when you're applying it. As you can see, it looks like there are some thin spots on my nails. Since the polish is cold when applying it, it's in its dark teal state. I applied two coats of Tomboyish since it looked like it fully covered. But dark polishes cover much easier than lighter polishes, so it looks like it could have used a third coat in its lighter state!

I'm still really happy with it though. Now I know for next time to apply thicker coats or just add a third coat. I don't think my fingers will ever be this warm on their own though, so I won't see the thin spots too much.

I couldn't get my fingers to be very cold after that, (although of course they are now that I'm typing this!) so I just dipped my fingers into cool water and then quickly took these photos. So excuse the water! If I dried them off, then they would get very warm and turn gray again.

I really love Tomboyish either way. I guess it helps that I'm a huge fan of blues, greens, and teals, but I also really like gray polishes for some reason. Both states are really pretty, and it's a nice change to have a somewhat subdued shade on my fingers now and then.

Other than applying it too thin at first, I had no problems applying it. The polish is a little thick since it is so pigmented, but it didn't affect application at all. Tomboyish still went on smoothly and wasn't goopy, and it didn't leave any streaks either.

Here is one last in between photo! It's more of a gradient here than the top photos, as it was slowly becoming warm again. 

If you're curious, I did use a base coat and a topcoat. Neither one affected the polish's ability to change color effectively. 

Tomboyish is $9.50 for a full size bottle in Pretty & Polished's shop. I think it was well worth it since it's so beautiful and so much fun to play with! I also love using color changing polishes on my toes since my feet go from warm to cold very easily. 

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