Friday, March 15, 2013

Luck of the Irish - Leprechaun

Halfway through this mini-challenge already! I was pretty excited for today's theme since I never really paint faces, people, or animals on my nails. I'm always afraid of them turning out really silly looking, but I took the plunge and tried to do a leprechaun!

I did the leprechaun sort of how I did Santa nails for Christmas. I took different parts that I associate with a leprechaun and put each thing on a separate nail. I chose a hat, a face, a belt, and a shamrock. 

I started off by painting my nails a nice neutral color with Essie Sand Tropez, and used China Glaze Holly-Day for my ring finger and thumb. I then painted on the hat with Holly-Day and slowly created a shamrock with a medium dotting tool in the same color. 

I painted a black band across the hat and also on my ring finger. I then added buckle accents with a gold striping polish. I dotted the leprechaun's hair and beard with Zoya Arizona, and added some eyes with Ulta Snow White and China Glaze Holly-Day. I also gave him a cute smirk with a black striping polish!

I think the leprechaun's face turned out pretty cute. He looks pretty happy, and I like how the bright orange contrasts with the deep green. I also think my dotted shamrock turned out pretty good!

Good thing I had some practice painting the shamrock, because tomorrow's theme is entirely shamrocks! 

See how the others created their leprechauns!

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