Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Ipsy - March Bag

It's been quite a while since I last posted about my Ipsy bags. The last time I posted, it was still under the MyGlam name! I've continued to receive bags every month, and I really enjoy them, so I thought I should get back into sharing them with you.

This month's bag contained some great products. I'm even loving the bag itself! It's a thin cloth bag, but the pattern is really cute. I'm liking the nautical theme with navy stripes and anchors.

As for the actual products, the bag contained:

  • GlamRX mini freestyle palette
  • Two Yaby eyeshadow refills
  • La Fresh Travel Lite makeup remover wipes
  • Juice Beauty hydrating mist


First up is the GlamRX mini freestyle palette. I'm really liking this palette since I've never had a magnetic one before. You can create your own palette with your most used metal makeup pans.


I like how small and sleek it is. It's a bit tiny, but it would be great for traveling with some of your favorites. It looks like you could easily fit five or six narrow pans from an Urban Decay Naked palette.

I put the Yaby eyeshadows inside for size reference. These little pans are pretty small (just over half an inch across). They stay in place nicely with the magnetic bottom of the palette.

The two Yaby eyeshadow refills I got were pretty nice colors. I like to wear neutrals a lot, so they'll get good use. The lighter one is called Seashell and the darker one is called Azalea Petal. 

They weren't as pigmented as I had hoped, or at least Azalea Petal wasn't. It's still a nice color though without being too dark once it's applied. It's a nice warm brownish shade with the slightest hint of purple. I swatched them on my hand - I used a primer on the left, and no primer on the right.

Seashell pretty much lived up to my expectations though. It's a very light color, so I didn't think it would show too well on me. I did apply quite a bit, but I like how it's mostly just shimmery. I'll probably be using it as a highlighter for my browbone. 

I really liked the La Fresh Travel Lite makeup remover wipes. I've been using makeup remover wipes for months now, and I really prefer them over liquid makeup remover. These ones worked nicely and removed all of my eyeliner, mascara, BB cream, etc. Each wipe is a bit smaller than my usual Simple wipes, but they still did the job. They also smell fresh, almost like baby powder, but nicer.

The Juice Beauty hydrating mist was a surprisingly nice product. My skin tends to get pretty oily, so I was skeptical of just adding moisture. Normally I do almost the opposite and use blotting papers to help remove excess oil. But this mist is definitely refreshing. It has a sweet scent, almost floral, but not overpowering. I used it to rehydrate my face a couple times instead of using heavy facial lotion. It helped my skin feel less tight after washing without being weighed down. I'm definitely going to be using it after working out too! 

I'm pretty happy with this bag and will definitely keep my Ipsy subscription. If you would like to sign up, you can do so at The monthly subscription is $10 per month, and you will receive each month's bag around the middle of the month. 

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