Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Challenge - Bunnies

Day two! Today's theme is bunnies. I was considering having today's theme on Easter Sunday, but the day before is close enough! I suppose bunnies don't have to be related to Easter though, and can just be cute spring-related animals.

Unfortunately I got a bit of black on a couple of the bunnies from dotting their eyes, but I think they still turned out cute! I also couldn't decide on one color for the background, so I used a different color on each nail.

I wanted to use pastels for the background colors, but I also wanted the colors to  be dark enough that a white bunny would contrast with it and show up! I still chose pretty light colors, but I think the bunnies ended up being visible enough.

I used Confetti Margarita Senorita, Essie Navigate Her, Sinful Colors Sweet Nothing, Sinful Colors Orange Cream, and Revlon Lily for each nail. I then used Ulta Snow White to free hand a semi circle on the tip of each nail to be the heads of the bunnies. 

I then took a white striping polish and free handed the ears. They looked odd being all white to me, so I added some pink in each one, and also dotted a pink nose. I then added whiskers in black and dotted the eyes with black and white. The faces are pretty simple, but I think they're cute! 

I really like how they turned out except for the bit of black that got on them from dotting. The black polish started to dry and thicken, so when I picked up the dotting tool off of my nail, it left a really thin line on them. Oh well! 

As always, you're welcome to join in on the challenge! Feel free to share your nails with me on my Facebook wall
There are lots of great bloggers participating in this challenge too! 


  1. I realy like your bunnies, they are adorable :)
    And the challenge in awesome, it is too bad that I do not have time to participate because I really would like to

  2. Cuteness. I love that you did each one in a different color background. That makes this much more fun.

  3. This is really cute! I love that you used a different color background for each.


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