Thursday, March 28, 2013

Born Pretty Store - Nail Foils

Nail foils are something that I haven't tried for nail art before. So I was pretty excited to try out a few colors from the Born Pretty Store. I got three colors to test out.

The three colors I tried were blue, green, and silver. The blue and green are metallic, and the silver one is holographic. I wanted to show them over a nice color other than just black, so I tried them out over Revlon Grape, a shimmery deep purple. 

The foils themselves are pretty interesting. They come in these little clear containers and are basically a very long ribbon. I didn't measure each one, though the product page says they're 113cm (44 inches) long. I think mine was actually longer than that, but either way, over three feet of foil is more than enough to do nail art! 

Once I had pulled one out, it was a little tedious to roll it back up and put inside the container. I think it's easier to find where one of the ends is inside, and lightly tug on it. Then you can snip off small pieces without having to unravel the whole thing.

As for application, they're a bit strange to get used to. While your polish is wet, or tacky I should say, you put a piece of the foil on, and then pull it off. It should leave the shiny part behind wherever it made contact with the tacky polish. I applied one coat of Revlon Grape and let it dry. I then applied a second coat, and when a gentle press would leave a fingerprint, I applied the foils.

I cut the foils into pretty small squares and then randomly put them on to mix the colors up. Sometimes the polish was too wet and it would come up with the foil. Other times the polish dried too quickly, but it may have also just been the polish I happened to use. Instead of just adding more polish, I would add a bit of top coat and then press the foil into that. It works the same as with the wet polish. When I had enough color on each nail, I added one coat of Seche Vite to seal the design.

I think the silver and the blue ones were the easiest to use. The green one seemed to give me more trouble for some reason. I also must point out that when you use them, make sure the design is facing up. Born Pretty Store has an instructional video for this product so you can see how to use them. 

I really like the overall design! It looks really interesting with a few colors. It almost looks like splatter nails, or some of the shapes almost look like continents on a map. They're really shiny and fun looking though, so I might have to get some more colors to make a full rainbow! 

You can purchase these nail foils from the Born Pretty Store. They currently have 24 different designs and colors for $2.99 each. Plus they always have free international shipping! If you order, don't forget to use my code above for 10% off your order as well. They have plenty of other great nail art items too. 

Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own.


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