Monday, March 11, 2013

365 Days of Color - Jellybean There Done That

I have another wonderful polish from 365 Days of Color. I know I've been giving a lot of love to her polishes, but I think they're really amazing! This is another one that's just perfect for Easter and springtime.

Jellybean There Done That is a pastel glitter topcoat. It has a slight pink shimmer to it, and is filled with lots of tiny white micro glitter. It also has purple, pink, and light blue hexes, along with some squares. I really love square glitter - it's like confetti!

Since it's a topcoat, I applied it over several colors. I sort of did a Skittles manicure by using a few polishes from the Sinful Colors Sugar Rush collection. I figured those were popular spring colors that a lot of people have access to, so it would be good to show this polish over them.

For the Sinful Colors polishes (seen below) I used Orange Cream, Unicorn, Sweet Nothing, Cotton Candy, and Candy Coated. I applied a couple coats of each polish, and then applied one coat of Jellybean There Done That. 

Just one coat of Jellybean There Done That gave good coverage. I was going to add a second coat, but I didn't want to go as glitter crazy as I normally do. I like how the blue, pink, and purple glitter all still show up on their respective color polishes.

I also have it over orange! Though my thumb is difficult to get into a lot of photos. It looks nice over orange too, but I think I prefer it over the yellow the most. I might need to try it over a minty green too!

If you would like to purchase Jellybean There Done That, 365 Days of Color is selling it in Easter mystery bags! The bags are $20 with free shipping, and include two full size polishes as well as two or three other random goodies. I got cuticle oil and balm in mine, along with some candy and glitter putty!

Jellybean There Done That is exclusive to the Easter mystery bags, but it isn't guaranteed you will get this polish since it's a mystery. However you are guaranteed to get two full size 365 Days of Color polishes on top of other products, so it's definitely worth $20!

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