Sunday, March 10, 2013

365 Days of Color - Eggcentric Bunny

It's not even St. Patrick's Day yet, and I'm already getting geared up for Easter! I just love holidays, religious or not. I love decorating, making special food, and just having a good time. But I'm especially excited for spring pastels!

This polish has plenty of pastels. This one is called Eggcentric Bunny from 365 Days of Color. I am in love with white creamy polishes filled with glitter, so this is no exception. However, this one is a bit more sheer than most.

I didn't want to glob it on too thick since I didn't want to make it lumpy or have it take forever to dry, but I also wanted it to cover fully and be pretty opaque. So I just applied three coats and waited for quite a while between coats. I didn't use a base color, so this is just Eggcentric Bunny built up on its own. I did add a coat of Seche Vite on top.

In the bottle, Eggcentric Bunny looks pretty opaque, but also looks a bit grayed instead of stark white. I suppose this is because it's quite sheer, so it has some depth to it. It also has lots of shimmer added into the base on top of all of the colorful glitter.

I really like the colorful glitter in this polish. Most of it is pastel, but there are also bright red and blue pieces added in. I think this makes it interesting since most polishes are either bold colors or pastel colors, and don't have both mixed together. The spring green and light purple glitter are just beautiful though!

If you would like to purchase Eggcentric Bunny, 365 Days of Color is selling it in Easter mystery bags! The bags are $20 with free shipping, and include two full size polishes as well as two or three other random goodies. I got cuticle oil and balm in mine, along with some candy and glitter putty! 

Eggcentric Bunny is exclusive to the Easter mystery bags, but it isn't guaranteed you will get this polish since it's a mystery. However you are guaranteed to get two full size 365 Days of Color polishes on top of other products, so it's definitely worth $20! 


  1. This is SO BEAUTIFUL! I just ordered my Mystery Bag and I really really really hope I get this one!


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