Thursday, February 14, 2013

Flip Flop February - Valentine's Day

Halfway through the challenge as of today! Also, Happy Valentine's Day to those who are celebrating with their sweetheart. And if you're not, then Happy Anti-Valentine's Day! I've been seeing some really good Anti-Valentine's Day nail art this year!

Well I didn't do Anti-Valentine's Day nails, or at least I didn't mean to! I was going for a Valentine's look inspired by I Feel Polished. I got some Sally Hansen crackle polishes on sale from Bloom a while ago, and I wanted to try them out. I figured this was a good opportunity to do so!

I chose my crackle colors first, since I don't have nearly as many crackles as I do normal polishes. I then tried to find similar colors of normal polish to use as the bases. For my crackles, I used Sally Hansen Snow Blast, Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold, OPI Super Bass Shatter, and Sally Hansen Fuchsia Shock. I then used Cult Nails Tempest, Rainbow Honey Gilded Angel, OPI Smile for the Glam-era, and Pure Ice After Hours.

The colors weren't an exact match, but they're close enough! I use the normal polishes on each nail, creating Skittles nails. I then tried to pair the crackles with colors that they would show well on, or contrast with. I cut out hearts with an X-acto knife on some painter's tape (the blue tape) and then put the tape on my nails. I then painted the crackle polishes in the heart stencils that I created. I then topped it with Seche Vite.

Some of the hearts got a little lopsided since they were painted in the stencils. As the crackle polishes dried and revealed their crackle effect, they also receded from the original heart-shaped lines a bit, making it difficult to tell that some are hearts! The gold one turned out really well, and I was impressed with how nice the Sally Hansen ones worked in general. Super Bass Shatter was a bit of a letdown since it didn't cover the pink very well, even though it's dark purple. I applied a thick coat for it to show on the pink, but unfortunately it didn't crackle very well then! Oh well, now I know to use that one over even lighter colors. 


  1. This is adorable. I've been meaning to try a shattered shape on my nail for a while...

    1. Thank you! As it dried, it receded a bit from the original outline, so they're not perfect due to the crackle effect. But I like it! I want to try more nail art designs with crackle now.


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