Sunday, February 17, 2013

Flip Flop February - Newspaper

I've never done newsprint nails before, so I was excited to try it out! They're pretty simple, so the most difficult part was choosing a nice shade of gray for the newsprint to go over.

I think the gray I chose was just a bit too dark, but I don't have many other options for gray. Still, I like the way it turned out! There isn't much contrast between the gray and the newsprint, but I like how subtle it is.

The gray I chose for this is Milani Just Grayt. It's a bit on the warm side, but still a pretty standard gray. It's a nice cream that covered in two coats.

I then cut up some newspaper into small pieces. I used pieces much larger than the nail though, so I would have excess hanging off to grab and peel off easily. After Just Grayt was completely dry on my nails, I dipped each nail (working one at a time) into rubbing alcohol for about five seconds.

I then took the nail out, put a piece of newspaper on it, and held it on firmly for about ten to fifteen seconds. I tried to push hard enough to get the newsprint to transfer, but not hard enough to make the newspaper stick to the nail. It happened on my thumb nail a bit, so when I removed the newspaper, one spot of paper was still on the nail. 

I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. You can't even read what words were used, as each nail is so small that there is barely a full word on each one. Also the text is backwards since it's a mirror image. But it's pretty! I might try to add some red to it to get more a red/gray or red/black/white color scheme going next time. 


  1. Awesome job, Corrinne! I love newspaper nails!

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