Monday, February 18, 2013

Flip Flop February - Galaxy

It's funny that with a name like Galactic Lacquer, I haven't done more galaxy nails! I guess I haven't been too keen on doing them again since my last attempt looked a bit silly. But that was in May of last year, so I gave it another try!

I was somewhat afraid of today's challenge since last time was a bit of a flop. But then again, I like these challenges since they get me to try new things or give it another shot! I was also feeling a bit more confident after seeing a wonderful tutorial for galaxy nails by Rainbow Honey.

I used pretty similar colors, but I also wanted to try out blue and purple since yellow and pink didn't look so great last time. I wanted to get a hint of green or red in some to make them all a bit different too, but I liked the blue so I just kept going with that!

I used Ulta Snow White, Rainbow Honey The God of Destiny, Revlon Mysterious, Revlon Grape, Wet n Wild Caribbean Frost, and Wet n Wild Hallucinate. I also used Wet n Wild Black Creme, but was silly and forgot to get it in the photo! Black Creme is just a basic black that I used for the base.

I began by using a base coat to prevent staining. I then used Black Creme to cover the entire nail. I added some sparkle right from the start with The God of Destiny, and then began sponging. I started with white so the other colors would show up on top of it. I chose blue and purple (Mysterious and Grape) for my colors, but any colors can work. I mainly used blue, and purple was a bit of an accent. I then dotted a few random stars in white, and topped everything with Hallucinate for some sparkle. I didn't add a topcoat since I liked the texture. 

I still don't think they're perfect, but they're definitely an improvement from last time! I think they're a lot prettier, but it also probably helps that my nails are a bit longer for some more room to paint too! 


  1. Gorgeous galaxy! I haven't tried again since my very first time almost a year ago - it's so much work for me and it's hard to get the look you want - but yours turned out perfect! :)

  2. Well done! The 2 times I have tried this one I ended up with a dark muddy mess


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