Monday, January 21, 2013

Revlon - Impulsive

I wasn't feeling too well last week, so I didn't update much. I'll try to make up for it this week. I have a big box of polishes that I've been meaning to try for a very long time, so I'm going to start tackling it! The first one I pulled out is Revlon Impulsive.

It's funny that this one is called Impulsive. I did sort of buy it impulsively. I didn't have a lot of purples at the time, and I still really don't, so I just grabbed it and bought it. It's a pretty purple, and is a bit brighter in person than my photos show. For some reason my camera wanted to make it look more on the blue side than it really is.

Impulsive is a nice purple creme. It's almost a dusty purple shade, as it isn't too bright, and isn't too dark. It's pretty dull in terms of the shade, but it's still a pretty color. I like how it's still pretty "grapey," but isn't obnoxiously bright.

Like most Revlon polishes I've tried, it's a little thin though. I used three coats for my photos and topped it with a coat of Out the Door. Even though it's a darker color, it still needed three. Two looked alright, but it had a couple thin spots. It wasn't streaky at all though. 

I suppose the three coats are worth it though. I love the colors of some Revlon polishes, and while they're thin and require a few coats, the end product looks nice. I'm not typically drawn to purples, but now I'm glad that I bought this polish. It's a very versatile shade, and I'm now thinking of what else I want to use it for. 

I might have to do a gradient or some nail art now that I have a few good purples. This might pair nicely with the subdued purple shades from the Sinful Colors Haute Rebel collection! 


  1. Oooh this is so pretty, it will be a great base for glitter! Purples are so delicious to my eyeballs lately : ) Your nails look beautiful in this one!

  2. That's a really gorgeous purple! Nice swatch, Corrinne!


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