Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rainbow Honey - Be Mine

I'm still feeling pretty sick, but I managed to do my nails again! Hopefully I'll feel a lot better in time for the 28 Day Challenge that I'll be doing all next month too. So before the challenge, I wanted to use another Rainbow Honey polish I got! This one is called Be Mine.

I also got some microbeads to try out a caviar or fish egg manicure. I didn't want to do a full set with them, so I decided to do an accent nail since these matched Be Mine. They matched almost perfectly! This is my first time trying a caviar nail, and I think it turned out alright.

As for Be Mine, it is a lovely pink polish. It is part of Rainbow Honey's Sweet Talk collection which came out for Valentine's Day this year. It was actually just released on Rainbow Honey's website last week.

Be Mine is a pink creme. It has little gold flecks in it that give it a subtle golden shimmer. It's gorgeous on its own! I love the shade that the base is as well. It's a pinkish, almost salmon color. I definitely don't have any other pinks like this.

I used three coats of Be Mine. Two probably would have been fine since the creme covers well on its own. I just wanted to be very thorough and make sure I cover any thin spots. I then applied one coat of Seche Vite, and dipped my ring finger nail into a little pot of microbeads. I didn't apply a topcoat over that nail.

I love it! I think the shiny microbeads go well with the shimmery polish. I got a bunch of microbeads in all different colors, so now I want to try more! Even if the caviar nail bandwagon has passed, I still like the look!
Be Mine can be purchased from Rainbow Honey's website for $10.00. You can also use promo code SWEETTALK$5 to receive $5 off of your order from (expires 2/28/2013). Or, promo code RH25%OFF is still active (also expires 2/28/2013). 
Free shipping on all orders over $25 or more has also been extended until 1/31/2013! So you will be able to use either promo code and get free shipping once the collection is released.
Plus, if you spend $50, you'll get your choice of a special gift from Rainbow Honey. I chose My Love

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