Thursday, January 24, 2013

Claire's - Glitter Topcoat

Once again, I've decided to dress up a mani with glitter! I like to wear the polish alone for at least a day to appreciate it, but I also like experimenting with it while I have it on. This time I tried a glitter gradient with another Claire's polish I bought with one of their buy one get one 50% off sales. 

I had to make that photo super large because it's just so amazing. Their glitter topcoat is really something else! This one is just called "Glitter Topcoat" on the bottom, so it had no specific name that I know of. I know they make other ones, but I guess this one is a silver holographic one. 

I put it on top of Breakfast At Tiffany's that I was wearing yesterday. My camera focuses a little too well to appreciate the holographic effect that the glitter topcoat has, but it's pretty stunning. It's a clear base that is just filled with silver holographic glitter. The pieces are pretty tiny, but they're larger than the superfine glitter inside my gold Claire's topcoat. 

I tried to do a glitter gradient. I haven't done one in a while, and some glitters behave better than others. I think this one turned out alright though. I tried to make it very dense on the tips, and just sort of "normal" coverage in the center so it's half glitter, half normal polish.

It's super sparkly! When I first picked the bottle up in the store, I was almost blinded by it. It's pretty incredible in person, even in artificial lighting. I'm so glad that I grabbed this polish.

This glitter topcoat was $4.50 at Claire's. They often have buy one get one 50% sales on their cosmetics though, so it would be totally worth it to buy it and some of their other polishes on sale! Since I bought this one at the same time as Breakfast At Tiffany's, that one was only $2.00! Now I want to try some of their mini polish sets as well. 


  1. This glitter looks like Icing Glamourous from Claire's sister store. I love it. It is one of the prettiest glitters and it looks great in your gradient!

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