Monday, January 28, 2013

A England - Princess Sabra

I've still been feeling ill, and it's been slowly getting worse. I didn't feel up to painting my nails at all, but I also didn't want to go without posting too long! So I managed to try out something new today after seeing the doctor.

I placed a couple orders with A-England not too long ago when they had a £6 sale. I didn't own any A-Englands, so I splurged a little since I've been eyeing them for quite some time. This one, Princess Sabra,  arrived along with a couple others today, so I was excited to try it out!

Princess Sabra is from The Legend collection. It can be described as a golden olive bronzite. The color is gorgeous, and definitely shows both gold and green to it. It is also holographic, so it sparkles and shines in the light! I used three thin coats of Princess Sabra and then topped it with a coat of Seche Vite. I was afraid that the topcoat might not make it appear as holographic, but it still looks perfect! I think it actually enhanced the appearance.

You can see the rainbow caused by the holographic bits in the light. Not only do the little holographic flecks look red, blue, green and everything in between, but you get the full rainbow effect on the nail. In the first photo, you can really see the full rainbow on the middle finger nail. 

The color itself is gorgeous too. Princess Sabra is pretty neutral, but still pretty flashy. I'm typically not too into golds, so I like how this is a very subdued olive gold. The shade itself is pretty subtle, but still very elegant, especially with that sparkle!

I am so glad that I got this polish. I wasn't going to at first since I was just going to get the new Holy Grail, but I'm very happy with this one as well. Princess Sabra retails for £9.00, which is currently about $14.00. This polish and many more holographic beauties can be found on A-England's website, and they offer free international shipping! 

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