Tuesday, January 22, 2013

365 Days of Color - Now in Technicolor

Revlon's Impulsive is a pretty shade, but I thought I should dress it up. So I added a glitter topcoat called Now in Technicolor from 365 Days of Color to it. This is another polish that I've had for a while and have been wanting to try. I never really knew what I should pair it with, so I decided to just try it on a nice purple. 

Now in Technicolor is a topcoat. It has a clear base and is filled with shiny shreds. The shreds are silver and a purplish-blue color. I didn't want to use it over something too light so the silver would show up, and I didn't want to use it over something too dark so that the purple shreds would show up.

I suppose I could have used a lot of colors, but I also didn't want anything too clash too much with the purple. My camera once again made Impulsive look more blue than it appears in person. It struggles with purples, so Impulsive is less blue, but the color of the purplish-blue shreds is pretty true. 

I used two coats of Now in Technicolor. My only complaint is that the shreds were a little more sparse than I thought they would be from looking at the bottle. But it isn't bad since two coats gives pretty good coverage. You could easily work up a few coats to cover even more. 

I didn't have to do any manipulation with the shreds. They covered pretty evenly and the different sizes and colors are distributed randomly enough on the nail. I just love how unique the shreds look compared to more conventional glitters. 

You can order Now in Technicolor from 365 Days of Color's new shop for $8.00. Get it while you can since this is one of her older polishes, and it might not be around forever! 

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