Monday, December 10, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Winter Wonderland

Just about halfway through the challenge, which means we're just about halfway to Christmas! I can't believe how quickly this month has been going by. I have so many more holiday polishes to swatch and share too, but I just haven't had the time! Soon though, I promise!

In the meantime, I have more fun nail art! Today's theme is winter wonderland. Living in Florida, I can only dream of what a true winter wonderland is like. I didn't really know what to paint, so I left it up to my imagination and what I envision when listening to Christmas music.

I decided to go with with an outdoor scene of a snowy sleigh ride. I painted a sleigh, a horse pulling the sleigh, and some scenery - a snowy tree and a snowman. So much now! I also wanted to choose a fun background for it, so I used Dandy Nails Wonderwall.

Colors used: Red, Mango, Miss Sergeant, Charcoal, White, Cocoa, Wonderwall. I free handed everything with nail art polishes, and only used Wonderwall as the base and background color.

As I said, I used Wonderwall as my base. It's actually a clear polish, but it's filled with so much glitter that I used two coats with no base color, and it was dense enough for just about full coverage. I then painted the white tips to be the snowy ground, and free handed the rest!

The sleigh is supposed to have a person in it, wearing a hat with his scarf blowing in the wind. I should have added a face to him now that I think about it! Although, my snowman's face looks a little worried, so maybe it's better that I didn't. 

Now to see how the others interpreted their winter wonderland! 

<3 Corrinne

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  1. So pretty! You're so talented, I suck at freehand.i love that basecolor!


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