Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ah, another day where I was sort of stumped on what I should do. The theme is ugly Christmas sweater, but I didn't really know what I wanted to paint to represent an ugly sweater! So I just winged it and started doing Christmas sweater designs.

I really like the white poinsettia snowflake looking things on sweaters for some reason. I decided to go ahead and try a couple of those, but since they're large, I could really only fit one on each nail. I also wanted to switch it up a bit, so I wanted to make some of the nails different.

I started off by painting all of my nails red. I used China Glaze Red Satin, which is sort of a crelly. I then used striping tape to mark off where I wanted the poinsettias/snowflakes, and filled in each point by freehanding with white polish.

I then freehanded some lines and added some dots for the other nails. The zig-zag and dots are simple, but they look like a sweater! I used a basic white nail art polish (long, thin brush inside), some striping tape (color didn't matter since it was just for clean lines), and a dotting tool. 

I'm very pleased with how these turned out! I really didn't think they would look this good when I started painting, since I had no idea what to do for sweater nails. I like the designs, but some flocking powder would have been cool too to make them fuzzy!

I have a feeling there will be some good ugly sweaters today! 

<3 Corrinne


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