Wednesday, December 19, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Favorite Ornament

I'm posting a little later than usual, sorry! I have been very busy, but had a bit of time to get these ones done.
I love a lot of my ornaments, so it was difficult to choose just one favorite. But I went with something sparkly and festive!

My favorite ornament on my tree is a cupcake! It's pretty silly, but I think it's sparkly and relevant to the holidays since it's red and green, but I also like baking - especially cupcakes!

I've done some cupcake nail art before for one of my birthdays, but I figured I would do all of my nails to match this ornament, so I have a full cupcake manicure with all five nails. I also wanted an excuse to use the new Zoya holiday polishes!

I started off by painting the tips green. I then took a toothpick and painted the deeper green on it, and then laid it on the nail where I wanted the lines to be - I didn't use a brush this time. I dotted the cake part with gold, and built up the frosting part by dotting as well. I added the little peppermint on top and sprinkles by dotting with red and green as well. Lots of dots!

Polishes used (all Zoya): Holly, Logan, Ziv, Trixie, Blaze
I got these in the mail not too long ago, as I had gotten them with some of the promos Zoya put out. I'm excited that I got to use them in time for the holidays! 

So that's my favorite ornament! I had a lot of others I was considering using, but they weren't as festive. I don't really have a favorite since I love them all! 

I wonder what ornaments the others picked! 

<3 Corrinne

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