Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Pretty As A Peacock

Happy Election Day for those in the United States! It's been a busy week for me and I'm sure it's been a busy day for whoever voted, but I managed to squeeze some time in to share a very pretty polish - from Pretty & Polished!

I am absolutely in love with this polish! This polish is called Pretty As A Peacock, and it is a new polishe that Pretty & Polished has released. I really couldn't resist this one since I'm a complete nut for greens and blues.

Pretty As A Peacock is a greenish polish filled with glitter. It's mostly a deep, metallic green with medium sized turquoise and blue hexes, smaller purple hexes, and tiny sparkles all throughout. It's super shimmery, and really has some depth to it in person!

I applied three coats of Pretty As A Peacock to achieve this look. I may have been able to leave it at two, but I wanted to get it to look just like it does in the bottle. It applied well for how much glitter is in it, and there is definitely enough glitter to get good coverage - I didn't have to manipulate any glitter to make it even.

Pretty As A Peacock is reminiscent of a nail polish I bought about 10 years ago called Mystic Peacock - one of the polishes that made me go crazy for polish and get me addicted to where I am today! So while this polish is already gorgeous, it earns extra brownie points in my book since it's similar to the deep, shimmery green that started it all for me.

Still, the polish I had didn't have all this wonderful glitter! This one is definitely more like a peacock with all of the blues and purple. You can see a bit of the holographic goodness in the photo above when it's out of focus. It's absolutely wonderful in person, so I think this polish is a must! 

This polish has just been released in Pretty & Polished's Etsy shop! A full size bottle is $8.50 and a mini bottle is $4.75

<3 Corrinne

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