Sunday, November 4, 2012

Firmoo Sunglasses Review

Today, I have something a little unique to share with you all. I haven't reviewed anything other than nail polish in a while, but this was well worth it! I got some beautiful sunglasses to try out from Firmoo. Firmoo has a program, Free for First-time Buyers, where you can try glasses or sunglasses (prescription or not) for free, as long as you pay for shipping.


Firmoo is an online retailer of glasses and sunglasses, both prescription and not. I personally don't require a prescription, but I still wanted to try out some of their unique sunglasses both for fashion and eye protection. Out of their large selection, I chose these frames. They looked interesting to me, and I love the color! They call this "green" although they're pretty blue/teal to me.

The sunglasses are a bit larger than ones I typically wear, but I love them! I just happen to be a pretty small person, so they look a little big on my face. Still, they fit comfortably, and they fit snugly so I don't have to worry about them falling off, nor do I have to keep readjusting them into place.

You can see the pretty detail on the arms of these particular frames. It's a dark silvery/pewter finish on the accent, with a deeper blue on the lines to give it some depth. It's really eye-catching, and matches the color of the frames well.


After wearing these sunglasses, I found that they're very comfortable. They aren't too heavy, and stay in place. I also like how the lenses have a fade finish, so they're darker toward the top and lighter (almost clear) at the bottom. I found this style works well for driving where it's dark for the sun through the windshield, but light at the bottom  to see your speedometer and gauges easily. 

The glasses also came with all of this wonderful stuff! They have a large hard case for storage to prevent them from getting broken, a pouch to store them in, a large cleaning cloth, and even extra screws and a tiny screwdriver. I'll be able to extra-good care of them now.

In general, I found that these sunglasses are wonderful. They feel sturdy, the hinges work well, and since I tend to put them on top of my head when I go inside stores, it didn't snag any of my hair either! I really enjoy them and will be using them often - I think I might need to get some similar ones in black now! 

If you're interested, head on over to and take advantage of their Free for First-time Buyers program. Choose which glasses or sunglasses you'd like, and just pay for shipping. What's great about Firmoo is that they're also global, so you can be in any country and still order.

<3 Corrinne

This product was provided for review by Firmoo. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.


  1. How cute these glasses are on you!

  2. ahhh you are so freaking adorable and those sunglasses are so old school new school love em'

  3. I got Firmoo glasses too but I chose an eyeglasses pair! Love your sunnies!!! *.*

    CHECK OUT Firmoo post on my blog "NIGHT OUT GLASSES LOOK" and let me know if you like it!! <3 love, Francesca


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