Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Collaboration

This is a huge giveaway with up to 31 possible winners! I'm participating in it and am giving away a set of mini 365 Days of Color scented holiday polishes!

Jilltastic Nail Design is hosting the entire thing, so thank her for this awesome collaboration!
To make it easier for you all, here is all of the same information about the prizes, and the Rafflecopter widget! 

Images of all prizes can be viewed at the end of this post. Images are small but can be clicked on to enlarge.

Here is a list of pages and links to click and follow/like/favorite BEFORE entering the raffle generator. If you do that all my requirements will be completed. 

Person                             Links                             Gift Description  

Jilltastic Nail Design            Blog and Facebook          L.A. Colors Polish, Pedicure Kit, Nail Decals
The Witty Nailist                 Blog and Facebook         OPI Skyfall Mini Set
I Feel Polished                   Blog and Facebook          CG Glittering Garland, Striping tape, Glass File
Glitter Me This                   Blog and Facebook          3 Holiday Polishes from Glitter Me This  
The Daily Lacquerista         Etsy and Facebook          5 Daily Lacquer Buddy the Elf Polishes
 Pony Dreadful                   Etsy and Facebook          Hello Kitty Bow (winner chooses what type of clip)
 Manicurator                       Blog and Facebook          Lynndrella Boy-Girl Party
Beauty Shoes Nails Fun     Blog and Facebook          Cheeky nail wraps for fingers and toes
Lacquer Ladies                  Blog and Facebook          Kleancolor Mini Set
Lydia's Nails                      Blog and Facebook          Mash Nail Image Plates
Lovely Lady's Nails             Blog and Facebook          French Manicure Kit
Fashion Bug In Florida         Blog and Facebook         Massive Julep Gift Box (value over $50!)
Pretty and Polished Pointers Blog & Facebook        Mystery Gift
Taneja's Bride                    Blog and Facebook           Zoya Pintrest Trio Minis Julep Nail File
Delusional Polish               Etsy and Facebook           2 Delusional Polishes Mistletoe and Pink Slip
Harajuku Girl FL Beauty   Twitter & Facebook        1 Year Blog Anniversary Gift (2 winners!)
Lace & Lacquers             Blog and Facebook                 Kleancolor Minis, ELF Concealer brush 
Love For Lacquer               Instagram and Facebook     Barielle Nail Treatments
BeautyPopShop                 Instagram and Facebook     Petite Nice Rack (shelf only no polish)
Galactic Lacquer               Blog and Facebook             3, 365 Days of Color minis
Cosmetic Sanctuary          Twitter and Facebook          Alice in Wonderland EOS
Hello Lacquer                   Blog and Facebook              2 Sation Glitters
Love Anela                       Blog and Twitter                  Stocking Stuffer Set
Crazy Crafty                     Etsy and Facebook             Custom hat of your choice
Cosmetish                       Blog and Facebook              2 Polishes and Compact
My Boyfriend Hates Makeup Blog and Facebook          CG Bizarre Blurple, PI Calypso, KC Pinky Moon
xo,noelle                          Blog and Facebook             Alice in Wonderland EOS and 2 Hand Sanitizers
Nailtastic Fun                   Blog and Twitter                 1 Layla Polish and 1 Polish Ring your choice color
Beyond Beauty Lounge     Blog and Facebook             Set of Kardashian Minis and 4 Sinfuls
Polish Snob                     Blog and Facebook             Lotion, File, Clippers, top coat
Lacquer Wizard                Blog and Facebook             5 pack glitter polish, SC Fig, FIMO sticks, Striping tapes


  The Witty Nailist

I feel Polished

Glitter Me This

The Daily Lacquerista

Pony Deadful


Beauty Shoes Nails Fun

Lacquer Ladies

Lovely Lady's Nails

Fashion Bug In Flordia

Pretty and Polished Pointers

Taneja's Bride

Delusional Polish

Harajuku Girl

Lace & Lacquer

Love for Lacquer


Galactic Lacquer (mine!) 

Cosmetic Sanctuary
Hello Lacquer

Love Anela

Crazy Crafty


My Boyfriend Hates Makeup


Nailtastic Fun

Beyond Beauty Lounge

Polish Snob

Lacquer Wizard

Good luck to all who enter! 
<3 Corrinne

12 Days of Christmas - Snowflakes

On to day two! Again, this isn't a daily challenge, but posts will be up almost every other day! I'm still very excited for this challenge since it's not as strenuous as some daily challenges, but will last all the way through the holiday season.

Today's theme is snowflakes. It's funny that I've lived in Florida my entire life, so I've never even seen snow. I suppose even if I had, I wouldn't know what itty bitty snowflakes would look like anyway! So I just took a shot at it and went with some generic snowflake shapes.

I tried to pick cool, wintery colors for this manicure. I started off with Deborah Lippmann Let's Hear it for the Boy, and then topped that with Sally Hansen Ice Queen.

Then I free handed some snowflakes in a white nail art polish. Since the snowflakes were flat white, I decided to add a little sparkle to them too, and used another sparkly nail art polish in Mermaid Trail.

I guess I could have just used Ice Queen on top of the snowflakes instead of under them, but I didn't want the bigger glitter pieces to be over them. But I still just wanted a reason to use Ice Queen

I just love how delicate and sparkly it is in person. Ice Queen is pretty holographic, and the random blue and purple pieces really add to it without being too obtrusive to the snowflakes. Now if only I could get some snow in Florida! 

Plenty of other talented ladies are also doing snowflakes today, so check them out! 

<3 Corrinne

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Days of Christmas - Only Red & Green

Today kicks off yet another holiday challenge! This one will only be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, but I hope to get some other random nail art and swatches done in between and on the weekends. I have so many holiday polishes to share too! 

Today's theme is only red & green. I was thinking of "cheating" and also using white, but I decided to just try and use only red and green. I initially thought of doing a white, red, and green water marble to look like peppermint, but I just kept it simple and sparkly! 

I started off by putting a piece of tape across each nail, and then painted the red on. I didn't want to put tape right on the red since I thought it would mess it up, so I just free handed the green in between. The lines aren't completely clean since I free handed, but I think they turned out alright. 

The polishes I used weren't sparkly though! I added some glitter on. I used Wet n Wild Jezebel for the red, and topped it with Wet n Wild Rockin' Rubies for some shine. I then free handed the green stripes with KleanColor Green Grass, and topped it with Nails Inc Piccadilly Arcade. 

The lines aren't perfect, but I love the way they turned out! They're definitely festive and bright, and are totally getting me geared up for December and the holiday season. They're also very sparkly in person, and you can see a hint of the holo in the photo below! 

As I mentioned above, this challenge will continue right up until Christmas! It isn't daily, but it still includes enough fun ideas for the entire season. 

Don't forget that plenty of other ladies are also participating! 

<3 Corrinne

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Nail Art Challenge - Turkeys

Last day of this challenge! Today's theme is turkeys. We're a day late for actual "turkey day" now, but it's still Thanksgiving week, and I'm sure most people are still celebrating their time off for the holiday. So here it is:

Gobble gobble! I decided to draw some cartoony turkeys, instead of really realistic ones or roasted ones. I didn't make them differ, although I did sort of put the tail feather colors in random places.

As you can see, I used quite a few colors! I used Elf Nude as my base, although you can't really see it. I then started making lines for the tail feathers in various colors using nail art polishes: Blood Diamond, Abu Dhabi, Neon Yellow, and Miss Sergeant

I then free handed the turkey head and body shapes using a nail art polish in Cocoa, and dotted the eyes using Wet n Wild French White Creme and Black Creme. I also free handed a little beak in Neon Yellow and a little gobbler in Red.

They're a little silly looking, but I like them! I was tempted to make the eyes looking in different directions, so one turkey would be looking up, one would look to the side, etc. Similar to how I did the ghosts in my Pacman manicure.

I had a really fun time doing this challenge! I really got my fill of fall nail art, and now I'm yearning for the Christmas and winter nail art ideas. 
<3 Corrinne

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Nail Art Challenge - Pie & Desserts

Day four, Happy Thanksgiving! I know we're not doing turkeys just yet, but I think pie & desserts work well for today as well. I'm a junk food junkie, so I had trouble choosing just one dessert to use. I suppose I could have done more than one, but I didn't want to overdo it! So I went with the classic pumpkin pie.

I didn't really want to do just whole pies on each nail, nor did I want to do slices on each one. So I did sort of a side view of a slice of pie on each nail, and then a top view of a slice for an accent nail. I like how the pumpkin pie filling and the crust make for an interesting double French!

I also topped each piece with a dollop of whipped cream for good measure, and tried to swirl in just a bit of metallic orange to look like cinnamon or nutmeg on top. It worked out really well!

I started off with two coats of Sinful Colors Nirvana, and then free handed the pieces of pie with Elf Copper, and free handed an even thinner section in Zoya Jacqueline to look like the crust. 

I dotted the whipped cream with Wet n Wild French White Creme, and then revisited that with Copper again, swirling it in with a toothpick. While I free handed the tips, I only dotted the top of the pie crust on the accent nail.

I think it was another success! I feel sort of silly with pie on my nails, but at the same time I love it! It's shiny, fall-colored, and festive for the holiday. 
<3 Corrinne