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Rainbow Honey - The Yokai Collection

Update: I have revisited the Yokai here:

As some of you may or may not know, Rainbow Honey announced on Friday that they will be releasing a new collection! I am one very lucky blogger, and I was chosen to review some of the new polishes from The  Yokai Collection. I have three very special polishes to share today, so this will be a little more picture heavy than usual!
Also, please excuse my derpy ring finger nail - it cracked, I used the tea bag method, and even after tons of smoothing, it's a bit lumpy! My apologies to Rainbow Honey for it breaking at a bad time.

First up we have Oni. Oni is "the malevolent wild demon." I think the polish does the name justice with its combination of black and bits of gold. The polish itself is a black jelly base, and it is absolutely filled with those little gold bits! It's super shimmery, and some of the gold flecks also shine purple in direct light.

I absolutely love this color combination. Perhaps I'm a bit biased since my university's colors are black and gold, but it's still gorgeous. It's very dark and ominous, but also very beautiful and classy. Even though it's supposed to be a wild demon, Oni is pretty elegant.

It applied pretty smoothly, and two coats covered completely even though it's a jelly. The polish was a little on the thick side, but it didn't make it difficult to apply. Considering how much glitter is packed in this polish though, it still applied nicely.

Up next is Kawako. Kawako is "the mischevious river child." To represent this river child, Kawako is a deep blue jelly polish. Similar to Oni, it is filled with very fine flecks of glitter. It mostly has silver sparkles, but also shimmers blue.

Kawako also covered completely in two coats. Although it is a jelly, it can become opaque easily, which I like - I didn't have to build up several coats for full coverage. Kawako applied smoothly, but is a bit thick due to being filled with so much glitter. Although a little thick, it didn't hinder my ability to apply is smoothly (my ring finger nail is currently just part tea bag). I suppose if the thickness is a concern to anybody, some thinner such as Seche Restore may help it out.

I was silly and forgot to take a third "pose" with this polish, so on to the third and final Yokai!

The last polish from the Yokai Collection I have is called Kitsune. Kitsune is "the magical white fox." The polish is a beige colored base with warm, yellowish undertones. It has a gold shimmer to it in direct light, and  has lots of orange, reddish, and holographic glitter in it.

Kitsune almost reminds me of spiced pumpkin drinks or pumpkin pie ice cream. The colors definitely remind me of autumn, and it is probably my favorite from the Yokai Collection so far. I'm still wearing this one and will be for a while!

Kitsune isn't as much of a jelly base as Oni or Kawako, but is a little sheer in one coat. I applied two for these photos, and it covered completely. I was pretty impressed for it being such a light color, but covering so easily. It was also a bit on the thick side, but still allowed me to apply it easily. I just happened to mess up my index finger right before I took this photo though!

All in all, I'm very impressed with these polishes. So far I love the Yokai Collection, and I'm excited for their October 13th release! I'm not sure if these three will be the only ones or if more will be included in this collection, but I'm sure staying tuned to the Rainbow Honey Facebook page, I'll find out soon. If you would like to purchase Rainbow Honey polishes, check out their website. Each full size polish sells for $10 and minis sell for $5.

I know I'm excited for the full release of this collection, are you?

These polishes were provided by Rainbow Honey for review. As always, I only offer my honest opinion.

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