Monday, October 1, 2012

Rainbow Honey - Snake Eyes

Recently I grabbed a few more polishes from Rainbow Honey's Chrono Cross collection. I had gotten a couple from her Etsy shop at the end of March, but finally grabbed some more from their new website. Snake Eyes was one of the ones I purchased this time.

Snake Eyes is a shimmery sea green polish filled with glitter. It looks very opaque in the bottle, but it is actually very sheer. I applied four coats of it to achieve this look, but I wanted to try it out alone with no base color. Next time I may apply a mint color or light green and then put it on. 

Still, it's a gorgeous polish. I have nothing against the fact that it's so sheer, it's just my fault for not applying a base color. It has a goldish shimmer to it, and really catches the light to make it look more opaque than it is. At other angles, it looks a bit more sheer though. It's strange how it appears so different from different angles, but I like it, it's unique! 

I applied one coat of Seche Vite on top, and it smoothed it out almost entirely. I was surpsied for how glittery this polish is! There are lots of little rainbow-colored pieces, mostly darker green and multicolored medium hex glitter, among some smaller multicolored hex glitter as well.

The polish is pretty similar to 20% Cooler from the Equestria Collection since it's much more sheer than it appears in the bottle, and it also has lots of rainbow glitter. I think Snake Eyes has more shimmer to it though. Still, I love both, and I think they're two of my favorite Rainbow Honey polishes! I like all of them to be honest. 

You can purchase Snake Eyes and other polishes from Rainbow Honey's website for $10 each. They're a little more than some other indies, but definitely worth it. You can also follow Rainbow Honey on Facebook to learn about new polishes, sales, and more! 

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  1. I'm totally obsessed with their polishes right now! I just bought the Sakura Matsuri minis for my Reddit Gifts match. lol. <3


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