Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kunimitsu Nail Potions - One Scary Outfit

The month of October is just too short for how many great Halloween nail polishes there are! My desk is covered in goodies I want to try out and post about. I guess I'll have to post a bit more often to fit as many in this month as I can!

For today's Halloween polish, I have a mini from Kunimitsu Nail Potions. This one is called One Scary Outfit. This polish is a clear base filled with fun Halloween-colored glitters. It has very fine greenish-yellow glitter, along with slightly larger metallic purple bits, and even larger white and black hexes.

Since this polish has a clear base, I applied it over Essie Navigate Her. I had a difficult time choosing a shade of green to layer it over, since I wanted something that would match, but also allow the glitter to show up on it. The green glitter and this polish are close, but it still shows up!

I applied two coats of Navigate Her for full coverage, and then I applied three coats of One Scary Outfit. I wanted to get quite a bit of glitter on, but I didn't want it to be too dense, so this was perfect. I like the array of different glitters in it, and the colors are some of my favorite for Halloween - purple and bright green!

One Scary Outfit was a mini that I got for free after ordering from Kunimitsu's Etsy shop. She made them for fun, but she might make more of this one to sell! I really like this one, so I think she should. Even without this polish, she has plenty of other great ones that sell for $8 a bottle. She also stocks minis! Be sure to check out her Facebook page too - she goes by Nail Potions on there!

<3 Corrinne

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