Friday, October 19, 2012

Daring Digits - Trick or Treat

More Halloween polish! I had almost forgotten about this one since I ordered a while ago along with some of Daring Digits's Minecraft polishes. I decided now was the perfect time to use it, so I didn't want to miss my opportunity!

Trick or Treat is a great fall polish. It's a clear base filled with glitter, mostly black and orange. The hexes are all medium sized, but there is also black and metallic orange microglitter to fill in the gaps. The larger hexes are also black and metallic orange, but there are a couple different shades of orange, as well as yellow too!

Black and orange are obvious Halloween colors, but the hint of yellow in this polish makes it a little more versatile to me. It reminds me of candy corn being paired with the orange, but it also just reminds me of autumn and fall leaves in general!

I applied two coats of Trick or Treat over Sinful Colors Nirvana, and then topped it all off with a coat of Out the Door. One coat of Trick or Treat covered well, but I wanted the glitter to be pretty dense over my brown base. It has just the right amount of glitter - it covers well, but it also applied great! I didn't have to manipulate the glitter, and it wasn't too thick either.

In my opinion, it's another great Halloween polish! I like this color combination, the size of the glitters, and how well it applied. I may have to bring it out again next month!

I bought this polish from Daring Digits's Etsy shop. Her full size polishes sell for $7.75 each. She's also beginning to sell polishes on for just $6.75 each, but currently, her Etsy shop has a larger selection. 

<3 Corrinne


  1. Gorgeous! I love Halloween polishes, and this one is no exception! :]

  2. Cool glitter polish, and I love the base color!!


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