Monday, October 22, 2012

8 Spooky Nights - Skulls

Today kicks off another exciting nail art challenge! Once again, I am doing this challenge in conjunction with some other lovely blogging ladies, so don't forget to check out their nail art as well! The others participating will be linked at the bottom of every 8 Spooky Nights post I write.

One blogger over at Peace Love Lacquer is also hosting a non-blogger contest for those of you who would like to join in! I'll include that information at the bottom of this post as well! For now, here are my sugar skulls:

Since today's theme is skulls, I decided to do sugar skulls. This is my first attempt at sugar skull nail art, and I love the way they turned out! They're a little messy in spots (excuse the cuticles today), but I had fun doing them. They're also just so colorful and fun to look at!

I used quite a few polishes to create these skulls. I used Wet n Wild Black Creme, Wet n Wild French White Creme, MM Cherimoya Charcoal, KleanColor Neon Orange, KleanColor Neon Green, and KleanColor Lavenbaby. I also used flower fimo stick slices for the eyes.

I started off by painting each nail with two coats of white polish. Then I placed the flower fimo slices where I wanted the eyes while the second coat was still wet. I freehanded the nose and cheek parts with a black nail art polish (thin brush inside), and then made the teeth with the tip of a toothpick. I dotted a few extra colorful dots in bright colors, and topped it all off with a thick coat of Seche Vite! This helped seal the fimo slices so they would stop peeling up on the sides (my nails are very curved), although I think I put a bit too much on since I got bubbles!

Well, at least I learned. I'm still very proud of them for my first attempt at it, so hopefully they'll just be better next time! Now I'm already looking forward to the next challenge! I'll have to start planning ahead with what I want to do for each day's challenge.

Here are the other blogs participating in the 8 Spooky Nights Nail Art Challenge:
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Also if you are a non-blogger and would like to participate in this challenge (for a prize!), then here is the information from Peace Love Lacquer who is hosting the event. The prize is a secret, but I think it might be an awesome Halloween indie polish!
Here are the rules: 

  • You must be a non-blogger to compete for the contest prize.
  • All nail art must be on your nails. No falsies. Only new work please.
  • Stamping is allowed. No stickers or nail decals. Acrylic paint is allowed, but nail polish must be used in some aspect of the design.
  • In order to compete for the Contest Prize, you must complete all 8 days and have them submitted via email to or on Peace Love Lacquer's Facebook wall before midnight Pacific time the day of the challenge.
  • Day 8 (Only Black & Orange) will be the nail art that is voted upon.
  • All qualifying participants' Day 8 photo will be placed in a folder on November 1st and voting will be most likes. Voting will close at 6pm Pacific on Monday November 5th. The official winner will be announced the morning of November 6th.
  • Must be 18 years old and live within the US or have a US address in order to qualify for prize.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask or email Peace Love Lacquer!

<3 Corrinne


  1. These are AWESOME! I love the Fimo Eyes!

    1. Thank you! I was deciding on whether or not I should also put rhinestones in the centers, but I didn't want to over do it!

  2. I could not love this any more than I already do!


  3. Oh my goodness thats awesome. They are spooky or creepy just because I've never seen a skull with flower eyes lol

    1. Yeah, I suppose they're a bit creepy! Sugar skulls are usually associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead, but I thought they'd be fun for Halloween too!

  4. Your sugar skulls are amazing! The eyes are great and I love all the color :]

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks! I don't even remember where I first saw fimo used for them, so I don't know who to credit! It was either that or dotting flowers, and then putting rhinestones in the middle. Tough decision!

  6. These are your first attempt?! Wow!! They look awesome!

  7. I love how you used fimo for the eyes! It turned out really well.

  8. I love how bright and cheery these skulls are ♥


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