Wednesday, October 31, 2012

8 Spooky Nights - Only Black & Orange

Happy Halloween! Today wraps up the 8 Spooky Nights Nail Art Challenge, so no more Halloween nail art after today - boo! Since it's the last, I tried to make something sort of unique.

Unique indeed! For me, at least. I don't typically do 3D nail art or apply much for rhinestones or other small objects, but I like it, so I may have to do more in the future! I'll also have to figure out how to get them to stay on without globbing on topcoat.

The stars and stripes together are a little flashy and gaudy, but I guess that's what's fun about holidays - you can get away with some crazy things that you typically wouldn't! I think they'll be fun for the day and will be festive as I hand out candy to little kids tonight.

I used Zoya Sharon for the orange, and first applied two coats of it. I then free-handed a black stripe down each nail with Wet n Wild Black Creme. The brush inside of this bottle was a great size for it, and allowed me to avoid taping. I then took some tweezers and placed the little orange stars in the wet polish, one by one. It was a bit tedious! I then topped it off with a couple coats of Seche Vite so the stars would be sealed inside.

Well, they're a bit crazy, but I like them! They almost remind me of a carnival with the stripes and stars. I'll have to try out some more 3D nail art that's still wearable in the future. 

Don't forget to see how these other ladies wrapped up their Halloween nail art too! 

<3 Corrinne


  1. So creative with only black and orange.....LOVE THEM!

  2. Different, but really cool!!! Love the 3-D stars!!!!

  3. These make me think of a race car drivers helmet!!! Don't know why!! They look awesome!!

  4. This SCREAMS biker chick! Hahaha but I love it!


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