Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red & Purple Subtle Ombre

I've been going through a lot of my polishes recently, trying to put some aside to give away, swap, sell, donate, etc. In the process, I've been finding a lot of polishes I haven't even used, or have barely used! I also found that I have a lot of similar shades, so I thought of attempting my first ombre manicure.

It's subtle, I suppose, since I chose shades that were very similar. I probably should have gone even darker towards the pinkie nail, but I'm still pretty happy with my first try at it! I didn't mix any polishes together to achieve this look, although I may try that next time to get it to flow from nail to nail better.

Polishes used (left to right):
Essie - Watermelon, Jordana - Holiday Red, Tip Toe - Cheers, Essie - Poor Lil Rich Girl, Essie - Bahama Mama

Mixing your own colors for an ombre might work better, or also choosing some colors that are a little more different than each other. Mixing might be the better option since they will probably also be more consistent in terms of their appearance. 

Lined up in the bottles, they looked great! But on my nails, some are jellies and some are cremes, so they have different depths to them and appear slightly different than in the bottle. Still, I'm actually pretty happy with it. I like the way it flows, and it has the fun ombre effect without there being too much contrast.

Next time I may mix a couple cremes together to make five different shades, but for my first attempt, I like it!

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  1. I like it! A very subtle, elegant ombre. Totally diggin' it. :)


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