Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pacman Nail Art

I realized I've been doing a lot of reviewing polishes recently. While that isn't really a bad thing, I haven't been doing as much nail art. I love swatching polishes on their own to see how they handle and look (especially indie polishes!), but sometimes I need to do something a little more crazy.

For some reason, I had the idea to do some Pacman nail art, so I went with it. I figured it would be bright, colorful, and fun, and it is indeed just that! Since there are four "ghosts," and Pacman, it was perfect for five different nails.

Photo from Wikipedia

I tried to pick colors as close as possible to the original arcade Pacman. I used a light pink and orange, but my yellow, cyan, and red aren't really that bright. But close enough, right?

I started off by painting each nail a solid color for each character. The ghosts are named Inky (blue), Pinky (pink), Blinky (red), and Clyde (orange). I figured the one named Pinky was perfect for the pinkie nail. I also didn't give Pacman an eye since he didn't have any in the game graphics, but added one of the pellets in front of his mouth.

From left to right, we have Pacman (Ulta - Sun-sational), Inky (Ulta - Mint Condition), Clyde (Zoya - Arizona), Blinky (OPI - Red), Pinky (Essie - Cascade Cool). I then added the black at the bottom, and dotted them some eyes with white and then blue. I used blue instead of black, keeping to the original arcade colors.

Above: my arsenal! Wet n Wild - Black Creme, Ulta - Sun-sational, Ulta - Mint Condition, OPI - Red, Revlon - Royal, Zoya - Arizona, Essie - Cascade Cool, Wet n Wild - French White Creme.

Once again, I had fun doing some nail art. I think they're a bit crazy, but I felt the need to do something a little more on the "nerdy" side than usual. I admit I didn't make my right hand match this time, but I did use the same colors, so at least my right hand has a Skittles manicure now! 



  1. OMG I love this!!! I think I'm gonna try this one... I'm sure it won't look as good, but worth a shot :)

    1. Thank you! I think you should totally try it. I'm sure they will turn out fine! :)

  2. Cutest! I love that their eyes are all over the place, hope you got tons of live compliments on this one!

    1. My coworkers loved it! It held up very well too, but I'm only taking it off to put on something "nice" for my 5 year anniversary now! I'll have to do more nerdy stuff soon :) It was fun!


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