Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge - Beachy/Tropical

Day two of the Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge! This challenge is only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so it's a little easier to manage than a daily nail art challenge. For today's transition from summer to fall, we have beachy and tropical nails! 

So after yesterday's fiasco with moving the couch and changing the car battery in the dark, I noticed a couple of my nails starting to tear. Luckily only one is on my "photo hand," so I tried to fix it using the tea bag method for the first time. It's a little lumpy, even after trying to buff it out a little, but it'll do! I probably also should have used my usual thick coat of Seche Vite on top, but I've recently been trying out Out the Door instead, which isn't as thick to me.

After fixing my nail, I painted these bad boys! I'm pretty proud of this nail art since I haven't done anything like this yet. I thought I would go with the tropical paradise sort of theme and paint a beach sunset. I first did a sponge gradient, and then free-handed the ground and some palm tree silhouettes on top.

To keep with the beachy theme, I grabbed some of my summer Zoyas to do the gradient. 
From left to right: Zoya - Kieko, Zoya - Lara, Zoya - Arizona, Max Makeup Cherimoya - Charcoal
I know Kieko isn't part of the summer lineup, but I needed something a little more purple than Reagan. At least Lara and Arizona are from that collection! 

I really like how the gradient turned out. It doesn't blend perfectly since I haven't done a sponge gradient since the 31 Day Challenge, but I think it's pretty! The black sand silhouette also is a little wavy since I didn't tape it off, but I guess that makes sense if it's supposed to be sand!

All in all, another success! I figured I should go all out today since my Neon nails were a little boring on Monday. Now I look forward to the next challenge! 
<3 Corrinne

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    1. Thanks! I had no idea what I was doing really! I didn't practice them first, but just went for it with a nail art brush :)

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