Monday, September 17, 2012

Falling Forward Nail Art Challenge - Neons

Today marks the first day of a new mini nail art challenge! I haven't done a nail art challenge in a while, so I thought this one would be fun. Several other bloggers are participating, so you might see some others doing it as well!

For the first day, we have neons. Neons are the perfect summer color, and I totally wanted to use my neons at least once more before turning toward the darker fall colors. I had so many ideas for fun colors like neons, but unfortunately neon polishes tend to be pretty thin and streaky!

I didn't do anything too entirely spectacular due to lack of time today. I had to pick up a couch, which actually turned into me strapping a couch to the roof of my car, and then the car not starting again! So after replacing the battery, bringing the couch upstairs, and doing my nails, I'm pretty beat! 

Like I had mentioned before, I wanted to do something a little more "fun." I was going to add funky French tips to each nail in a different neon color, but my neons were so streaky and thin that adding them would be a nightmare! I first tried Sinful Colors Irish Green and Sinful Colors Summer Peach (the green and orange), but found that KleanColor Neon Green and KleanColor Neon Orange covered a bit better without being as streaky.

The colors I used: Sinful Colors - Why Not, KleanColor - Neon Green, Sinful Colors - Neon Melon, KleanColor - Neon Orange, KleanColor - Neon Pink.
I know, the KleanColor names aren't all too creative, are they?

Despite my day being entirely too hectic to do anything too intricate and fun, I still really like these nails! I haven't used my neons in a long time, and they're so bright and cheery, it's a great way to end this day. Skittles manicures have been growing on me too, and this one certainly helped my love for them grow! 

<3 Corrinne

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