Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pretty & Polished - Bayou Blitz

The busy week continues! Crunch time before the new school year starts is definitely here, preparing everything for another successful year. I've been busy, but I can't neglect my blog or my readers - and I just can't stay away from nail polish no matter what!

Since I had tried Essie's Mojito Madness, I wanted to try this amazing greenish polish called Bayou Blitz by Pretty & Polished. The shade of green is very similar to it, so I used Mojito Madness as my base. I applied two coats of Mojito Madness, and then a couple coats of Bayou Blitz.

Bayou Blitz is a very sheer polish on its own. It is a greenish jelly base very similar in color to Mojito Madness, and it is filled with lots of fine yellow matte glitter, along with lots of large, semi-transparent neon-colored hexes. There are quite a few of the hexes inside, but I do admit to fishing a few more out myself.

I wanted to try the polish alone, but I figured that it would take lots of coats to build up, so I just went with it over Mojito Madness. I would have used Bayou Blitz alone, but my nails are actually still stained pretty blue from Zoya's Wednesday, so I'm avoiding using polishes that are too sheer!

All in all, this is another great polish from Pretty & Polished, and my camera just won't do it justice! I bought it months ago, but only tried it now! I'm glad I was finally able to find the right color to go underneath it, although I'm sure it would look great over several other blues, greens, or maybe even black or white. I want to build up a few coats of it alone next!

If you would like to buy polishes from Pretty & Polished, check out her Etsy shop, and follow her on Facebook to get updates on when the shop will be restocked!


  1. that is stunning!

    1. Isn't it? I love it, and it'll be added to the list of polishes to try again when I can get a camera that won't make glitter so grainy (although this isn't as bad as Floam in photos!). And hopefully after this week, work will settle down so I can have more time for painting :)


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