Tuesday, August 28, 2012

China Glaze Moonlight Jelly Sandwich

I had such a difficult time choosing what polish to use today. I know, first world lacquerista problems. I spent part of yesterday going through polishes and picking out ones to sell, so I was more in a "what don't I like or need" mindset! But I finally decided to go with something new.

I recently bought China Glaze Moonlight. I got it really cheap on Amazon actually! I was looking for a good white jelly that wasn't too sheer, but would still show glitter through it for sandwiching. A fellow blogger over at Nails Beautiqued did a post featuring Moonlight, and I knew it was just the polish I was looking for!

I was debating on what glitter to use for it, since I'm such a glitter addict, but I went with KleanColor Starry Blue. I didn't mean for my final product to look so similar to the ones from Nails Beautiqued, but after applying a layer of Moonlight over Starry Blue, the glitter appeared much lighter and brighter!

I applied three thin coats of Moonlight, and then two coats of Starry Blue. I then topped it with one more coat of Moonlight to get the jelly sandwich effect, and then topped that with a coat of Seche Vite. Even with all of the layers, it still isn't too thick on my nails, which I like.

Starry Blue is in a clear base, but it has the slightest bluish tint to it. It shows a little on the white, and made Moonlight look slightly bluish too. I still love the full effect though - it almost reminds me of a robin's egg with the light blue and darker speckles.

In the end, I'm very happy with Moonlight! It is perfect for this type of jelly sandwich, and I will have to experiment with different colors and layering glitter in different places. KleanColor's Starry Blue was a little disappointing though, since I had to apply two coats just to get this much glitter on. The glitter is very pretty, but the layers of base add up with it when building it up!


  1. So pretty!! I totally wanna try this!

    1. It was so easy, and the way it sort of makes the glitter matte is great! I'll definitely be trying this more :)

  2. I love yours, it looks so squishy. Thanks for the shout out! :D

    1. Thank you! It does look pretty squishy. I may try to do the jelly sandwich on top of white next time to see how it appears!


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