Friday, August 31, 2012

Candeo Colors - Glacier

Before enjoying my long weekend, I thought I should post some new nails! My jelly sandwich nails took a beating during the week, so it was time to take that polish off and try something new. By "new," I also mean a polish that I've had for months, but have never tried! That polish is Glacier by Candeo Colors.

In the photo, it looks like the glitter floats to the top - it doesn't. My glitter sinks entirely, so I store this polish upside down. That way the glitter isn't just stuck to the bottom when I go to use it. Still, Glacier is a gorgeous blue polish. It looks pretty opaque in the bottle, but each coat is pretty sheer. The polish is packed with silver hexes, blue squares, and some holographic shimmer among other microglitters.

Since it's pretty sheer, I applied three coats, and probably could have used a fourth with how sheer it ended up on my tips. I think the Seche Vite also just made this polish "shrink" on the tips pretty badly, so now I know to "wrap" the tips by painting them a little more next time.

The polish is pretty shiny on its own, but I used SV for some added gloss anyway. One coat of SV makes it almost perfectly smooth to the touch, except for my pointer finger, since it has more glitter on it than the other nails. I applied Glacier on that nail first after flipping my bottle back over, so it got the most glitter.

It's a very lovely polish, and I do love blues and greens more than any other colors. I'm really trying to love it, but I'm still on the fence with this one. The finished product looks wonderful, and although it took three coats, it didn't put a huge dent in my bottle - it still looks new. Still, I guess my problem with it is that the glitters sink.

Since that's pretty much the only problem I have with this polish, I guess my final verdict is that I do like it! The formula itself went on smoothly and it looks great. I'm just a little disappointed that the glitters sink badly, but at least this problem is somewhat fixable by just storing the bottle upsidedown, or turning it upsidedown for a while before using it. I have other Candeo Colors polishes, such as Jellybean, Orchid, South St, etc, and none of them sink like this, so perhaps I just got a polish from a "bad" batch too! So no hard feelings toward Candeo Colors.

I bought this polish from the Candeo Colors website for about $9. Check them out on Facebook too to know when they restock!

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