Thursday, August 2, 2012

365 Days of Color - Darya

As you may know, I ordered from 365 Days of Color not too long ago. I got quite a few polishes from her, including Killer Kiss, which I already tried out. They've been sitting on my desk since I got them, so keep wanting to try them all! This time, I went for Darya, a glitter topcoat.

Darya is from 365 Days of Color's Travel the World collection. According to the listing for this polish, "Darya in Farsi means ocean," and that Sunny has always "loved the beach and ocean, so [she] wanted a polish to represent that." I think she nailed it with this polish!

Since I already had Zoya's Wednesday on, I decided to apply Darya on top of it. They are similar in color, since both are pretty bluish-greenish, or turquoise. Darya is made up of turquoise metallic squares and fine micro glitter suspended in a clear base.

I applied a generous coat of Darya for these photos. The glitter is a little more sparse than some other polishes that are packed with glitter. This one is actually a nice change from that and adds a nice effect without being too crazy or overdone.

I used Darya on both of my hands, so it looks like I put a pretty good dent in the bottle again, but these bottles are also very flat. It looks like I'll be able to get plenty more uses out of this polish which is great! I might have to try it on my toes next.

If you would like to buy Darya, you can find the full size here for $8.00. If you're interested in any other polishes by 365 Days of Color, feel free to browse her Big Cartel shop.

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